Why I Was Compelled to Start the Vitamin Patch Club

$150 to $300 a month for vitamin supplements? That deliver only 30% (at best) of promised nutrients? What’s wrong with that picture?

So to counter the makers of pills, powders and potions who are heavy on hype and price, but light on substance, I started Vitamin Patch Club .

Our mission? Simple: the safe, time-released delivery of top-quality nutrients through transdermal technology (through the skin.) With a 90% absorption rate. And easily affordable subscription pricing.

Done! But more than that (and not to get too pious on you) I wanted a company that delivers educational and charitable initiatives, as well as health benefits, to the online community.

So I’ll be writing a weekly health hack, with fun, informative and honest coverage not only of vitamins and supplements, but nutritional info, recipes, life coaching, wellness, whatever trending topic deserves airing.

And please, contact me directly if you ever have questions about any of our products and endeavors. We love hearing from you.

To your continued good health!

Shane Griffin

Founder and CEO

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