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HOW Vitamin patches WORK

Transdermal patches allow active ingredients to be delivered through the skin and directly into the bloodstream safely and uniformly.
All the nutrients are contained within our proprietary adhesive layer, ready for release once applied to your skin.
Your body’s moisture helps to release the vitamins from the adhesive, which are then absorbed into your body.

How to use them daily

1. Find a place on your skin with little to no hair to put on your patch.
2. The vitamins will enter through your hair follicles.
3. Then absorb into your circulatory system.
4. The vitamins will migrate to your heart
5. After reaching the heart, they will distribute through your entire body. Allowing you to absorb 90% of nutrients
6. You can wear your patches from 4-8 hours, day or night

All products are

The Adhesion does not enter your skin and here is why

Your skin will not allow particles with a mass GREATER than 700 daltons to enter the body. Vitamin patch vitamins have a mass LESS than 700, and the adhesive has a mass GREATER than 700. Which means that ONLY the vitamins are absorbed into the skin…In the right amounts and in the right dosage throughout the day.

Benefits Of Vitamin Patch Club

Vitamin Patch Club Patches are ORGANIC, VEGAN, NON-GMO, and ADDITIVE FREE. Receive the best for your health through our patches.
By wearing our vitamin patches, you get to feel your physical and mental best. Since the vitamins absorb directly into your bloodstream once they pass through your skin, the effects are practically instant. Our proprietary transdermal patch technology makes all capsules, pills, tablets, and softgels old-fashioned, unnecessary, even obsolete!.

We are 100% transparent with our products. No BS ever!

Wear them while you work out, throughout your day and even while you sleep.

Patches will distribute through your entire body. Allowing you to absorb 90% of essential vitamins.

Patches will help you reach optimal health and wellness.

With VPC Vitamin Patches, you get the highest quality vitamins…and in the precise amounts…in every patch. Including health and wellness tips to help you upgrade your health. This REVOLUTIONARY NEW and PROPRIETARY technology is not available anywhere else.