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We’re serious about this. No, we’re serious. More than tossing a token amount to a cause to make us “look good,” we’re donating a generous portion of our proceeds every month. To make a positive impact on the world around us. It’s in our DNA.

And here’s the best part: YOU, our members, decide who gets it. Each month you can nominate a global, national or regional charity or nonprofit that’s especially important to you. At the end of the month, vote for your choice. We’ll let you know who wins and how much we give them. (See scoreboard at right.)

You’ll not only be doing yourself a healthy turn, you’ll be helping others as well!

Together This Month We Raised $60,000.00 for Foothill Medical Regional Center

We believe in our core that to give back and support various charitable initiative is paramount to the success of our business. Our first act of contribution was just completed and VPC couldn’t be more excited.

Vitamin Patch Club teamed up with Amity Medical Group, to raise funds for The Foothill Regional Medical Center Pediatric Sub Acute Unit. This unit provides 24-hour care for children and young adults suffering from genetic anomalies, birth defects, neurological issues and head trauma. The hospital provided us with a Christmas Wish List for these children and their families.

The list included essentials such as socks and tooth brushes as well as toys and larger items, such as dressers and furniture pieces. Many of these children will spend their entire life in this hospital so we decided to make it feel as warm and home-like as possible. By raising $28,000.00 in monetary donations as well as another $30,000.00 in gifts, toys, and electronics, we were able to get everything on their Christmas Wishlists.

Vitamin Patch Club wants to generously thank all of our donors and partners: Amity Medical Group, Foothill Regional Medical Center, all of the nurses and staff, as well as Chuck Liddell and Robin Thicke for their time and compassion.

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