B Smart, B Healthier.

Need more ENERGY? Feeling DEPRESSED? Want a healthy HEART?

We’ve got your solution… Our B12+ patch! This patch is packed with B12, B6, and B9 vitamins to help counteract low energy levels. As an added bonus, this blend of B vitamins acts as a natural antidepressant, and is important for heart and muscle function.

Shine Bright and Beautify

This Essential B Vitamin is the KEY to a HEALTHY and BEAUTIFUL life.

Our Biotin patch will help you embrace your beauty while receiving countless benefits that help you shine at your best! Keep your skin glowing and keep your body feeling it's youngest. Biotin will help you grow thicker hair and nails, and simultaneously beautify your skin.

Let the Sun Shine in!

Sometimes referred to as the ‘Sunshine Vitamin,’ vitamin D is responsible for growing strong muscles and bones, while simultaneously supporting the health of the immune system.

Our vitamin D3 patch will literally bring sunshine into your life. So if you want to stay in shape, stay healthy, and be happier, our vitamin D3 patch is the patch for you!