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A quick look at some of the press Vitamin Patch Club has received

I am grateful for all the media outlets that have asked us to be on their shows and in their articles. In todays times it is difficult to get a positive story in front of the public eye.

I believe that through sharing the truth and being vulnerable we can all benefit. My journey to Vitamin Patch Club has been interesting to say the least but I am grateful here is where I am at. Saving the world one patch at a time.

Shane Griffin CNP, ROHP
Founder and CEO


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NBC Palm Springs
Desert Living

NBC First Coast Living

CBS News Today LA

Purpose with Brittani Zonker

Good Morning LaLa Land

            Zark Life

Goalcast Video: How Vitamin Patch Club founder came up with the concept and why giving back is so important to him. 


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Shane Griffin, The Man Who Believes In Giving Back

3 Common Vitamin Misconceptions That Need to Be Debunked Once and for All

Be Willing to Pivot and Work Your Ass Off!
Shane is a successful entrepreneur who went from owning and running nightclubs in Toronto, Canada to going through a personal journey from addiction to recovery in...

Shane Griffin is a successful entrepreneur and life coach who went from the party scene of owning nightclubs across North America, to seeking help in rehab for addiction, to earning a degree in Applied Holistic Nutrition, to now owning some of the largest health-based companies globally, such as Vitamin Patch Club..

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