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I Deserve It

You Deserve it?

But I Deserve It

You get what you deserve

Haven’t we been told that our whole lives?

I am here to tell you that’s BS. There is no get. The is no deserve. This idea that either good or bad will bestow upon you due to what you do. Nah I am not buying it.

You get what you earn. Want more worth? EARN it. Want respect? EARN it, Want to be loved? EARN it.

And sometimes that’s not enough. Sometimes you work your ass off, you show up for good, you be your authentic self and still you may not get that thing you feel you “deserve”.

Be Happy copy

Or, am I totally wrong?.

Maybe you get what you need instead of what you deserve? Maybe we have confused the word deserve with want and need?.

Perhaps you get exactly what you deserve when you put your all into something.

When you grind it out like a madman, when people tell you slow down, or take a break.Because I do know you get something out of it all.

You get Respect,SELF-RESPECT.You get Worth, SELF-WORTH.You get Love, SELF-LOVE.

Well maybe I proved myself wrong. I dunno? You decide. I am just throwing it out of my head because it was clanging around in there!.

Be Happy copy

In health,

Shane Griffin CNP, ROHP
Vitamin Patch Club



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