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Easy way to get Vitamin D3

Every time my doctor does a blood test, my Vitamin D3 is low. I was taking daily pills, but would sometimes forget. With these patches, I find it so much easier. The adhesive hasn’t bothered my skin. Hoping my D3 level is normal with the next blood test.

The Super8 B Complex
Linda Gresham
Excellent product

I received my patches about 3 weeks ago and have found that these patches are easy to wear. The adhesive doesn’t aggravate my skin at all. And the smell is not that bad. So happy I found the Vitamin Club patches.


Worked like a charm

Stamina Bundle
Lacey Lusk
Excellent BUT…..

I love the delivery system, easy to wear and remove. The iron patch stays on all day but the B vitamin doesn’t. My complaint is the Energize patch bleeds red after sweating or getting a little bit wet. It stains skin or clothing if it gets too wet and moves slightly. I no longer wear that patch if I will be exercising, I’ll put it on after. And I’ve moved both patches to my ankles so that my socks keeps them in place.
I’d give the iron patch a 5 and the energize patch a 3.5.

So far so good

I can tell I have more energy, and since taking them I have not had my mid-day crash. I like they it is a slow release. The pills upset my stomach and the patches have not.

Positive impact but adhesive & dye need improvement

I definitely can tell the difference on days I forget my patches vs when I wear them. I feel a better energy and less lethargy with them. That said, the adhesive needs some work, especially on the darker red patch. It leaves a colored residue that stains light clothes (like my bra strap) and requires effort to remove, such as baby oil and a cotton square. It’s not quite a deal breaker but it’s super annoying. Before I realized this, my husband actually thought I had some kind of weird injury because of how the red dye stained my skin.

The Super8 B Complex
Tara Ehrmann
So far so good

Definitely strong and takes some getting used to but pleased overall. Keep seeing they are only available for a limited time. Hope this is not the case .

Restore Patch (Zinc)
Pamela McChesney
Better sleep

I got the zinc patches because I want to boost my immunity, an added benefit is that for the most part I seem to be sleeping better. I really like using the patch as the zinc pills are hard to swallow.

After Covid

We had Covid for the entire month of October. We were so sick. Then after the virus finally left but I was drained. I felt like a walking zombie. I have tried at least 3 other vitamin patches. Saw VPC and wanted to try it. I started small by buying the immunity vitamins. It was amazing. Life had come back to me. I was restored. My quality of life truly improved. God's will...I will always buy these patches! I was so impressed that I bought the bundle of the 4 pack. I just can't thank VPC enough for making a high quality vitamin patch. I love the fact the vitamins do not have to pass through my digestion or to waste. For me, this is the best way to give my body what it needs. Thank you VPC!

Restore Patch (Zinc)
Leah Duplantis
Love them

The best way to get your vtmns !!

Stamina Bundle
Amazing products

I absolutely hate taking pills/vitamins even then gummy vitamins I hated. I have anxiety, depression, I was always tired, miserable, and never had energy for anything. Until I tired vitamin patchs honestly I was skeptical at first because I didn’t know if they would work or how they would work for me. But I absolutely love them I don’t ever want to go without them again I have so much more energy and I’m able to accomplish more throughout the day I feel less bothered by my anxiety and depression. Two seconds to put the patches on and I’m good to go for the day they are so simple and convenient!

Support Bundle
jennifer town
Iron patch

Goes on easy. Simple. Lets see my blood work in 3 months and ill rate then

Life saver!

Got my first patches a few weeks ago when all of of my kids and myself got RSV. I was 3 weeks into a painful cough and slapped this patch and the Zinc on at the same time. About 6 hours later I got up, did the dishes and was able to take the kids outside to run without feeling my lungs would collapse for the first time. I have used them every day since. Also my kids.

Total Package Bundle
Sarah Reynolds
They Work !

After taking for 6 months, I love the ease, the fact that they’re working, and how I feel. Recent blood work shows a great improvement in blood levels, especially the iron.


I became very sick a few years ago and found out I was extremely vitamin deficient. I started doing IV therapy but due to the cost I could not afford to keep doing it. I had to find a replacement. These vitamin patches were the answer too my prayers. I love the super 8. I dont mind the smell. Please keep making them!!!!!

Restore Patch (Zinc)
Baxter Palmer
Zinc Patch

Great product! So happy to find zinc in patch form! No more nausea! Thanks so much! Excellent service and super fast shipping!


I have so much energy, the patch is so great for me cuz I hate taking pills. So easy to use, ordering more for sure.

Love everything but smell

To be honest I was not sure how well they worked but I had to stop all supplements for 72 hours before a lab test, and I felt awful. Within a couple of hours after throwing on this patch post-test I could tell I felt a bit better. Definitely recommend. I do wish it was higher in B6, but that’s my own need.

The Super8 B Complex
Rhonda Dominick
No joke, I love it.

I was a tad nervous about trying them after reading the reviews about not for the weak. But then I said to myself, I'm not wreak, I work construction, I got this. Ordered the patches and received them, I must say that they are definitely strong in the scent of vitamins, yes lawd they're very strong. I put one in my arm and 10 minutes into wearing it, I felt the energy surge, and it felt amazing. I'm forever grateful for these patches, I ordered 2 packages, and I plan on getting them for hr rest of my life hopefully with the other patches restore, strength, and wellness.

Feeling tired

I was feeling really tired all the time and my Vitamins were not working. These patches seem to absorb and have given me my energy back.

one month in

I can truly say these patches work!
The Super B12 are totally worth it if you want that extra kick, yes you can “smell” them but it isn’t that bad and totally tolerable. Definitely will be promoting these on my podcast for sure.

Keep up the great work

Total Package Bundle
Sonia Martino
Finally vitamins I don’t have to swallow!!!!

The best delivery system ever! Vitamins that my body can actually use absorbed through my skin is perfect. Used now for two plus months and has improved overall sleep and energy levels. Ordered some for my husband too.

Defense Bundle
Raychel Degennaro

Love these patches!

Awesome !!!

Love the energy patch! It was only a day or two and I felt the benefits. Felt stronger with more energy! Will continue purchasing more of their patches! Thx

Life Changing

Do to damage from Celiac disease I have severe intestinal damage and am not absorbing nutrients from the food I eat. While I work to heal the damage something had to change because my energy was next to nothing, my hair was falling out and I was struggling to function each day. As a hail mary I purchased vitamin patches with the hope it would help, but I never expected what happened. It took about 1 week of daily use to see a difference, and now 3 weeks in the amount of hair falling out has greatly lessened, my brain is functioning better and I'm actually able to get through the day without a nap. The vitamin patches have given me my life back.