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Feroza Jussawalla
Wearing is easier

I love my Vitamin Patches! They are much easier to use than the ones that need to be digested! This particular brand is waaaay better than the rival brand, because they don’t dry out, stay put, are clearly labeled and don’t fall off! I love wearing mine!

Julia K
Skeptic now sold

I used to have insufficient Vitamin D3 levels, hovering around 27 ng/mL despite sun exposure and oral supplements. After using the wellness patches, my D3 levels have skyrocketed to 83 ng/mL. It really worked!

Mary D.
Patches WORK!

I use three of the patches, the wellness, the zinc, and the super 8. I can tell the difference with the super 8 which gives me much needed energy. The other two are hard to differentiate with what they do but I can tell you that I have not been sick at all this winter as compared to at least 20 to 30 years of being sick every single year. I am thrilled with these patches.

Tina Clark

I love my vitamin patches

The Mom Bundle
M H Capps

Easy way to take your vitamins. No stomach upset either.


Really think this patch is beneficial however I have used for nearly a year and now I get bumps, itch and sometimes a cut on the area of the patch. I do not believe I am allergic to any of the ingredients. Frustrated!

Support Bundle
Susan Moore
Great product love it

Works great easy to use love them ....

Good Sleep

The sleep patch works great for me. It doesn't seem to leave me groggy in the morning like melatonin does. Just be sure to apply patch early before bed.

Iron patch

I'm using them to up my low iron so I can donate blood it's been helping get my iron up.

Nora Keeton
D3 Helps Mom who can't get outside.

Recently Mom became unable to take her supplements and this is a Great alternative and helped us avoid a hospital visit recently ‼️
Thanks So Much for this Wonderful Product ❣️

Iodine stains on skin

I hate swallowing pills, so vitamin patches seems like a good choice to get specific vitamins I needed to address. I have been using the defense combo of restore, energize, and wellness for about 3 months after deleting what was recommended from the initial questionnaire. Generally the changes are very slowly being noticed. What I do not like is the iodine stain left on my skin after I remove the patches. I have to waste time trying to remove the stain. Maybe in a couple more months the changes will be even more effective. I am not yet convinced that the wellness patch of the defense bundle delivers as much vitamin D as indicated, but I try to stick with things for at least six months. But there may be better choices out there.

The Supreme Bundle
Brenda VanWinkle-Weiss
Helped with energy and all over well being !

I skipped an order because I had left overs from previous months, thinking I had enough. I didn't and had to go about 2 weeks without. Saw a definite difference about a week later. Fatigue was one of the main symptoms. Will never skip again 🤗
PS ppl complain it's hard to get the glue off. Keep cleaning with rubbing alcohol. I also soap the area good and use a pumice in the shower.

Defense Bundle
Jessie S.
Absolutely enjoy!!!

I've been using this bundle for two months now. And I absolutely love it!! I donated blood for the first time in years. Because my iron level was perfect, I have more energy and can work longer hours now!! Highly recommend.

Marticia Buckner
Great product

Don't know yet I will review it in a month

Michelle Dixon
Great Product!

I definitely notice a boost in energy when I use this patch :) no jitters, just clean energy.

Rachel A
Good idea

Good idea, but not very high in iron. These patches were easy to use and wear but they didnt change my iron levels. I did a blood draw after wearing them for a month and my levels had not changed. The dosage of iron in them is also quite low (5.6mg). I could not tell a difference in my energy levels after using them.

We are sorry to hear that you didn’t receive the intended results. We do have a 3 month guarantee and due to the relatively low dose. Here’s why.

The time it takes for a supplement, such as iron, to impact blood levels and the extent of the change depend on several factors, including:
* Initial Iron Status: Individuals with iron deficiency or low iron stores will likely absorb dietary iron more efficiently than those with sufficient or excess iron stores.
* On the conservative side, for a low dose of 5.6 mg, it might take several weeks to months before a significant change in iron status or hemoglobin levels is observed, especially if the individual was iron deficient to begin with. Still, this is a general estimate, and individual responses can vary widely.

National Institutes of Health (NIH) - Office of Dietary Supplements: Their 'Dietary Supplement Fact Sheet: Iron' provides comprehensive information about iron, including its dietary sources, recommended intakes, and factors that affect its absorption and metabolism.

Working well for me

After my first full month of daily use, I could see a big increase in energy. My iron count was higher and stays up.

Laura Jeppesen
They Really Help Me Keep Going!

These Super 8 patches have given me energy and helped me stay awake as I work throughout the day. They also seem to help me reduce the nerve pain I have.

I really like energize, strength, wellness and sleep. I will continue to energize daily. Sleep has been helpful for me and my son to maintain sleep throughout the night. Strength seems to be a way to absorb iron without as many side effects.

P. Ruby
Works Very Well !!

Super Fast Quick Delivery!
Very Convenient especially when you forget to take your oral vitamins! I felt much better while using these !!

Dianne Frey
Energized patches

I have been using these patches for 5 months now. I can definitely tell a difference when I am not wearing one. The boost in energy is just the right amount. I will continue to use them.

Can't thank you enough!!

Super8 everyday:)

Sharon Routledge

II am allergic to either the glue or the latex. Finally after all these years I recognize it is the latex. Love your products and would love to see more diversity in them such as calc, boron and silca. They have certainly helped me avoided daily injections in order to deal with severe malabsorption syndrome. It would be great if more offerings could be made in the area of amino acids. Thank you.

Actually, I need to cancel. I must be allergic because I am getting rashes.

Jennifer Welsh

I have so much more energy! They work!