Vitamins Made Easy

Say goodbye to pills, say hello to patches.

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Behind the Patch

Health can be complicated. We simplified it.

A supplement for this, a pill for that. Chewables, capsules, powders, liquids – the list goes on and on. Throw out the kitchen sink and start getting more from your vitamins today with vitamin patches.

So, what's a vitamin patch? It's our transdermal patch that delivers vitamins efficiently into your body through the pores on your skin. Unlike pills, our patches are free from unnecessary fillers, binders, and synthetics that prevent the nutrients from being absorbed from your body. In fact, your skin is one of the most effective places to receive your daily vitamins!

With our convenient design, you can wear these patches proudly on display or you can tuck them away. Place them on your shoulder, abdomen, back, or even the top of your foot. All these options allow you to wear multiple patches at the same time.

Explore the graphic below to learn about the Vitamin Patch: