We are so confident in our patches and their ability to improve the serum levels in your blood that we guarantee it. 

Guidelines of Guarantee.

Prior to using our product you must get:

A vitamin panel blood test to check the levels of your essential vitamins to identify and determine a baseline. 

Wear our patches daily for 3 (three) months.

After wearing our patches for a minimum of 3 (three) months return to the lab that provided you the original Vitamin panel blood test to get your follow up labs. If your levels have not improved simply contact [email protected] provide your first and second blood panels and we will refund you 100% of you purchase price.

The dates of the tests must be 3 (three) months apart and provided by a legal and approved medical facility.

No questions asked. 

We are a small business, offering this guarantee means we stand 100% behind our products and business culture that your success drives our success.