VPC Gives Back (March Edition)

VPC Gives Back (March Edition)

Every Month VPC Gives Back

VPC Gives Back (March Edition)

Shane Griffin  CNP, ROHP

Founder @VitaminPatchClub.com

By now you know this is my fav post of the month. The post where I get to celebrate giving back.

We couldn’t do it without our epic members at VitaminPatchClub but also it requires people to inspire us and provide us with a place to give back.

So this month I would like to celebrate a few folks that inspired me and helped my company keep giving during the month of March.

First I would like to recognize my friend @mrjayrod .Jared has been a friend of mine for many years. Last year with little notice he decided to fill up his tires and ride with @ontarioride a 120 mile bicycle ride apply named “the ride to conquer cancer”. Thank you Jared for commitment again this year and we are proud to have sponsored you. You are making a difference and that’s epic.

If you think that is awesome wait until you hear about @anthony_mcclaren right now as we speak he is climbing Mount Everest to raise money for @parkinsonsdiseaseawareness Anthony founded a nonprofit to support research for Parkinson’s. He has Summited 5 mountains for his charity “Climb above Parkinson’s”. I am blown away to watch this guy reach new heights literally and figuratively. Keep up the hard work it is inspiring sir and VPC is proud to support you. Climb safe and we are cheering you on.

And last but without a definitely not least. My friend @erikaschaefer_ who has joined me at three different charities this year already. The first of March is national Read Across America Day. When I mentioned it to Erika all her plans were put on hold and she was there in hot minute. She took the time to read to children, but she is not just a one hat kinda gal. She also fosters dogs regularly and has worked with the Red Cross. A compassionate beauty with brilliance to boot! Keep on being the epic human you are Erika you inspire with your faith, your kindness and it matters. You know I am a fan of everything you do!

And finally I need to thank our VitaminPatchers. Without you we wouldn’t be a able to support any of these missions. Together we are saving the world #onepatchatatime.

Thank You,

Shane Griffin CNP, ROHP

What is a Vitamin Patch?

Transdermal patches deliver vitamins safely and uniformly, directly into the bloodstream. Most over-the-counter vitamins contain worthless fillers, binders, and synthetics that cause the active ingredients to be ELIMINATED from your body. With VPC vitamin patches the only thing you’re doing is gaining nutrients with organic ingredients.