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ALL NEW Energize Patch (Vitamin B12 Patch)


The all-new ENERGIZE Patch is here. B12, B6, and B9 is the first step in transforming your lifestyle by raising physical energy and mental mood support.

Now with added Guarana Extract natural caffeine from the amazon (creates a less-caffeine effect than coffee without any loss of intensity) reduces mental fatigue and supports executive functions, while also providing increased metabolism to support weight loss goals. Take your focus to the next level with a more productive day, while experiencing long-lasting energy, bright moods, and greater confidence under stress.

Active Ingredients in each patch
•Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin).  2.4 mg
•Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine).                 0.4 mg
•B9 (folic acid)                                    1.4 mg
•COQ10.                                            0.4 mg
•Guarana Extract (22%)                    2.0 mg



Customer Reviews

Based on 104 reviews
lacy laster
So far so good

I can tell I have more energy, and since taking them I have not had my mid-day crash. I like they it is a slow release. The pills upset my stomach and the patches have not.

Kevin Hedley
Awesome !!!

Love the energy patch! It was only a day or two and I felt the benefits. Felt stronger with more energy! Will continue purchasing more of their patches! Thx

Pamela McChesney
Feeling it!

I have been using the Energize patches for over 3 weeks and I do feel like I have more energy. I am starting to be more active and taking care of the things that I usually want to put off to another time.

Stephani Lancaster
They work

So I wore the patches for a week then I had to reduce how long I wore them because they make me feel too hyped up. I wear them maybe three times a week for a couple hours only now.

Janice Robertson
So happy I found you !

I am on my 2nd month with vitamin patches and love them. Easy to remember, and I have more energy.

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