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Beauty Patch (Biotin, Vitamin B7)

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Beauty Patch

Biotin beauty patches are the most convenient way to supplement your daily vitamin b7 intake. Biotin is an organic water-soluble vitamin that helps support hair, skin, and nails in humans. It is a necessary ingredient for many reactions in our bodies that participate in the metabolism of fats and amino acids, as well as sugars. Biotin has also shown potential to help blood circulation and cardiovascular functions, as well as prenatal development.

Here’s what each patch contains, 30 patches per pack:

  • Biotin (Vitamin B7) (7mg)

        Customer Reviews

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        Pamela McChesney
        Very happy with it.

        I have used the Biotin patch for a month now and I really feel like it had helped my hair feel and look fuller. My nails seem to be healthier as well. I don't like the biotin drinks and taking pills as I sometime can still feel the pills in my throat after I have swallowed them. So I am excited about the patches and I have kept adding more as I use up the pill form of supplements.

        James Bryant
        Awesome Product

        The Vitamin patches have done me a world of good. So nice to see the hair and nail results.

        Jim Bryant, Ph.D.


        I’ve been using these for several months now and I definitely feel the difference between them and oral vitamins. I promise you, you’ll absorb more from transdermal patches than you ever will from swallowing pills. I have trouble remembering to take pills anyway, so these are an absolute must for me. I put them on right after I shower in the morning (I also use the Energize patch). I feel so much better... more energy, less irritability. I have fine, curly hair and I can’t believe how much growth and less breakage I’m seeing.
        Just try them. You won’t be disappointed.

        Laurie Millets

        I love how effective these patches are and with less pills to swallow. Not knowing how well my system absorbs the the current supplements I take, I can notice a difference when wearing these patches, especially by placing them on my belly area, near my belly button

        Lindsay Needham
        Like so far.

        I bought the 3 month trial which I would have thought was 90 patches which is a good trial to see results but it was only 30. My main goal was to grow my hair and it seems to be working well for that! I believe they work better than a lot of other products.

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