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Defense Bundle


Defense Bundle

We know you have heard it before "The BEST offense is a Great Defense" so we went ahead and made you a Defense Bundle.

We combined three of our fav✌️products to give you the best Defense during this challenging time. 

The Defense Bundle is exactly what you need to keep you strong and feeling your best.

We bundled this package with Wellness, Restore, and Energize

Adding Zinc, Vitamin D3/C, and our B12/B6/B9 together to your daily routine is paramount in being proactive.

With these three products together you have the absolute best combination to do three important functions:

  • Boost Immunity x2 
  • Support DNA Synthesis
  • Reduce Anxiety

Both Zinc and Vitamin D3 have been proven to increase and support immunity with this bundle you are getting both. Zinc also supports DNA synthesis, every day our bodies cells replicate to keep us alive and strong, each time our cells replicate the two new cells need to have the same DNA to function properly and be their best. Zinc supports this process. We also added the Energize Patch that contains B12/B6 and B9, if you are used to being on the go right now you need to keep your energy up but more importantly, you need to support yourself with these primary B vitamins, we understand that Anxiety is at an all-time high and studies have shown that combining these three specific B vitamins helps reduce that Anxiety.

These three products together are the 1-2-3 punch you are looking for right now.

Add Defense Bundle to your daily routine.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 11 reviews
      Almost perfect nutrition delivery

      I like everything about this product except that the adhesive is difficult to remove and is starting to irritate my skin. I may need to cancel because of this and that will be a shame…

      Too Soon To Tell?

      I like the concept of taking vitamins in this way. Even my doctor agrees that this is a better method of receiving vitamins. I don’t FEEL any differently, so the only way to know specifically if I am in fact receiving more concentrated doses of vitamins will be in my bloodwork which is due later this year.
      So far my only “complaint” is the adhesive sometimes irritates my skin, and the patches can be difficult to remove ( similar to removing a band-aide).

      Raychel Degennaro

      Love these patches!

      Amy Alvarado
      Defense bundle

      I love these products. Much easier than taking pills, so convenient. As someone with Crohn’s disease, I am always concerned about whether I’m getting any effects from pills. With these, I don’t have to worry and they are delivered to me so I don’t have to constantly be checking what I have left. Thank you!!

      Brock Shillington

      Seeing and feeling differences. Very happy about this product.

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