Defense Bundle

In a world that constantly challenges our well-being, stand strong and resilient.

About the Patch
Presenting the Defense Bundle – the powerhouse trio tailored for those who demand robust health defense and spirited vitality. The Defense Bundle isn't a choice; it's a declaration. A proclamation that you prioritize your health, that you’re armed and ready to face each day's challenges head-on. Embrace the guardian trio and fortify your defenses. With the Defense Bundle, you're not just living; you're thriving.
  • Energize Patch
  • Restore Patch
  • Wellness Patch
How to Use

Step 1: Carefully peel off one patch.

Step 2: Place them on your shoulder, abdomen, back, or even the top of your foot.

Step 3: Wear your patch while you got about your day!

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Carefully Curated

Vitamin patches with ingredients specifically chosen to boost your health.

Energize Patch

Fuel your day with the vigour from Yerba Mate, Green Coffee, and Green Tea. The added touch of Panax Ginseng and B-complex ensures you're always at your prime.

Restore Patch

After a hard day, rejuvenate with the healing properties of Zinc, L-Glutamine, and the anti-inflammatory duo: Boswellia and Curcumin.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Actually, I need to cancel. I must be allergic because I am getting rashes.

Esther Maldonado
Vitamin check

Love them. Have my membership and happy with the product

Natalie Gary
Awesome product

I love these patches they make me feel amazing and I can really tell a difference. Ive tried all but the iron patches and my fav are the energy and the super 8

Almost perfect nutrition delivery

I like everything about this product except that the adhesive is difficult to remove and is starting to irritate my skin. I may need to cancel because of this and that will be a shame…

Too Soon To Tell?

I like the concept of taking vitamins in this way. Even my doctor agrees that this is a better method of receiving vitamins. I don’t FEEL any differently, so the only way to know specifically if I am in fact receiving more concentrated doses of vitamins will be in my bloodwork which is due later this year.
So far my only “complaint” is the adhesive sometimes irritates my skin, and the patches can be difficult to remove ( similar to removing a band-aide).