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Our sleep patch helps you sleep better at night and focus more on the day. Simply place a patch on yourself about 30 minutes before bed as the last thing you do. Our sleep patch starts delivering L-Tryptophan, GABA, and melatonin. 5-HTP support eases your mind from daily strains so you can fall asleep faster, deeper, and longer. Enjoy a better quality of sleep to get up with extra energy to make tomorrow's day better than yesterday's!

Our Sleep patch is designed specifically with rest and sleep in mind but not just to get you to sleep but keep you there. People with trouble falling asleep report that the number #1 issue is that their mind races all night, preventing them from falling asleep. We took that into mind by adding botanicals such as HOP flower powder, Lavender Oil, Scullcap Herb Powder, Chamomile flower extract, and more. Adding these botanicals helps relax the mind and body to give you the best advantage of a sound sleep.

*Our Sleep Patches are designed to stay on while you sleep, holding on during sleep sweat and tossing and turning. Please be aware they may leave ahesion residue that can be removed with soap and warm water*

Nutritional Facts

Scullcap herb powder.         6 mg

5HTP.                                       4.5 mg

Melatonin                                4.5 mg

Chamomile Flower Extract  4 mg

HOP Flower Powder.              3 mg

L-Tryptophan                           2 mg

Magnesium Beta Hydroxybutyrate. 2mg

GABA                                          1 mg

Lavender Oil                              1 mg

Sunflower Oil                            .1 mg

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Alicia Jeffery
Sleep Patch

It's important to put this on about an hour or so before going to bed, but once you've done that the sleep is terrific. I don't recommend applying them too late though - if you've gone to bed without applying it and then decide at 2 am maybe you should use it for example. I tried that and definitley had a hard time getting going in the morning - there was definitley a hangover affect. Otherwise though it's a terrific product and I've recommended it to frineds who have issues sleeping.

Jennifer A.
Sleep Patch

Sleep has been so elusive for many many years. I hate the way prescription drugs make me feel the next day. These patches are a game changer. I sleep well with them every single time and take them when I travel. For me, it’s 100% worth the 2 minutes of scrubbing you have to do to get it off. I’m awake and energetic enough to do it!

Virginia Hurst
Sleep Patch

I loved the way the patch made me feel and sleep through the night. I did not like the residue it left and how difficult it was to remove.

Kelly Mansfield
Sleep Patch Improvement Consideration

I really love my vitamin patches and wear them daily, however I have found that the sleep patch does leave very sticky remnants on the skin that are very difficult to remove from both the skin and other objects (towels, bathtub etc). I found other vitamin patches sometimes leave a little bit of remnant but the sleep patch is larger and leaves more on the skin. Other than that I love my vitamin patches and have been using them for 3 years.

Tim V
Helps me stay asleep

This patch has helped me stay asleep longer most nights. I was averaging 4 hrs of sleep before waking up and battling to fall back to sleep. Since using these patches I have averaged 6 hrs of sleep.

The one drawback is the residue left behind after removing the patch each morning is difficult to remove and requires a bit of scrubbing.

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