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The Mom Bundle


For Mom to know best, she has to be her best. So we created a sweet little bundle just for Moms. In this Bundle, you get our top 3 products specifically designed to make Mom feel and be her best. 

Starting with the Strength patch to keep those Iron levels up. Having intense Iron levels helps carrier more oxygen to your lungs. Next up, we have our world-famous Energize Patch loaded with all-natural botanicals and vitamins because what's the point of feeling great if you don't have the energy to use it? Lastly but not even slightly less important is our Beauty Patch, and yes, it sounds a little vain, but healthy hair, skin, and nails... well, I mean, who doesn't like that what most don't know is with added aloe vera leaf extract and marine collagen III plus our biotin you also reap the rewards of improved cardiovascular support.

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Hennessey

My complicated digestive system hasn’t allowed me to take vitamins ever! The vitamin patch Club has fulfilled my dreams and I couldn’t be happier with the results

Gastric By pass malabsorption issue

These are GREAT! Mind you I have one has them 1 month. Being a Bypass patient over 12 post op this is the best I have felt. Just went to get bloodwork and can’t wait for the results!

Samantha Hill
Absolutely Love!

I was diagnosed with Celiac and iron deficiency anemia a year ago. I was prescribed a large amount of iron pills and it was very hard on my stomach. The patches have been a great alternative to having to absorb vitamins on a damaged intestine. I feel better than I have felt in a very long time!!

5 Stars for ease of use

I have been using the Mom Bundle almost daily for the past 3 weeks, and I have found it to be super-easy to apply and go about my day! In the past, I have struggled with a routine for taking my vitamins, leaving them while rushing out the door on a busy day. Vitamin Patch makes it easy to pack in my purse and use them on the go! I plan to order more to continue my wellness routine and determine their benefits over a longer period of time.

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