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The Super8 B Complex


⚠️ Warning The Super8 is not your mama's patch.

We designed the Super8 for our elite performers. These patches are super loaded for extreme people. Super8 is the ultimate B patch that has heavy doses of all 8 of your essential B vitamins. Designed for performance in all areas, cardio support, increased metabolic burn, increased power, and crazy energy these patches are not for the faint of heart.

Active Ingredients:

  1. B1 1.2 mg,
  2. B2 1.1 mg,
  3. B3 10 mg,
  4. B5 5mg,
  5. B6 1.3 mg,
  6. B7 3 mcg,
  7. B9 400 mcg, and
  8. B12 2.4 mcg

30 patches per order, a limited supply available

This patch is larger and stronger, and we should tell you ahead of time they are strong. Some of our top performers even say they can taste the vitamins. Intended originally for our pro athlete clients and clinical settings, we haven't released them until now to the general public until now. 

They are designed to perform and are larger (1.5"x1.5") and are a little uncomfortable they are utilitarian by design and are the answer to quicker recovery and increased red blood cell which is needed to recover the body. They may lower homocysteine levels which improve cardiovascular support and allow the body to deliver the vital nutrients we need faster and more efficiently. 

We only are offering these for a short period, and they won't last.

Limit 5 per customer

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Tiffany Younts

What makes this perfect is being in patch form. LIVE IT!! I’ve been on this for 2 going on 3 week. I do feel better and have a little more energy. Looking forward to see how I feel after a full month.

Rita Trapaga-Bazail
Patch love

No more vitamin after taste. I take a lot of supplements. These patches reduced it. The energize is amazing.

Brandi G
Love the Vitamins! Don't love the sticky residue

Love the vitamins, really gives me a good boost of energy and it lasts all day, no afternoon drag. I don't love the amount of sticky residue that is left behind!


Love these patches, they give that extra boost to get through the day!

Just what I needed

Gave me a level of energy I have not been able to have in the past year. Wow what a different. It took about a week for me to feel the difference. Worth it!

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