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Total Package Bundle


Now you can get 4 of our products in 1 Total Package. This bundle is designed for the customer who wants or needs it all. 

For those who want More Energy, Increased Strength, Improved Wellness, Quicker Recovery, and Bodacious Beauty then The Total Package is for you because let's be honest you are The Total Package and deserve all the benefits of being such.

  • Energize: B Complex
  • Wellness: D + C
  • Strength: Iron
  • Restore: Zinc

When you put all our products together it is the perfect plan to get you performing your best. As importantly when all 4 of our products are worn together it creates a sense of balance and your entire body will thank you.

Also for the first time, we are offering you 3 opportunities to purchase.

Single Order, every Month, and even every Second Month. 😁 

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
After Covid

We had Covid for the entire month of October. We were so sick. Then after the virus finally left but I was drained. I felt like a walking zombie. I have tried at least 3 other vitamin patches. Saw VPC and wanted to try it. I started small by buying the immunity vitamins. It was amazing. Life had come back to me. I was restored. My quality of life truly improved. God's will...I will always buy these patches! I was so impressed that I bought the bundle of the 4 pack. I just can't thank VPC enough for making a high quality vitamin patch. I love the fact the vitamins do not have to pass through my digestion or to waste. For me, this is the best way to give my body what it needs. Thank you VPC!

Sarah Reynolds
They Work !

After taking for 6 months, I love the ease, the fact that they’re working, and how I feel. Recent blood work shows a great improvement in blood levels, especially the iron.

JP Specter
one month in

I can truly say these patches work!
The Super B12 are totally worth it if you want that extra kick, yes you can “smell” them but it isn’t that bad and totally tolerable. Definitely will be promoting these on my podcast for sure.

Keep up the great work

Sonia Martino
Finally vitamins I don’t have to swallow!!!!

The best delivery system ever! Vitamins that my body can actually use absorbed through my skin is perfect. Used now for two plus months and has improved overall sleep and energy levels. Ordered some for my husband too.

S Bragg
Life Changing

Do to damage from Celiac disease I have severe intestinal damage and am not absorbing nutrients from the food I eat. While I work to heal the damage something had to change because my energy was next to nothing, my hair was falling out and I was struggling to function each day. As a hail mary I purchased vitamin patches with the hope it would help, but I never expected what happened. It took about 1 week of daily use to see a difference, and now 3 weeks in the amount of hair falling out has greatly lessened, my brain is functioning better and I'm actually able to get through the day without a nap. The vitamin patches have given me my life back.

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