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Total Package Bundle


Now you can get 4 of our products in 1 Total Package. This bundle is designed for the customer who wants or needs it all. 

For those who want More Energy, Increased Strength, Improved Wellness, Quicker Recovery, and Bodacious Beauty then The Total Package is for you because let's be honest you are The Total Package and deserve all the benefits of being such.

  • Energize: B Complex
  • Wellness: D + C
  • Strength: Iron
  • Restore: Zinc

When you put all our products together it is the perfect plan to get you performing your best. As importantly when all 4 of our products are worn together it creates a sense of balance and your entire body will thank you.

Also for the first time, we are offering you 3 opportunities to purchase.

Single Order, every Month, and even every Second Month. 😁 

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
G Gray
My Patches

Not crazy about how they stain your skin and they leave a sticky outline of the patch on you skin that is hard to remove.

Mary Robinson

These are a welcomed answer to daily vitamins. So easy to use. No more chocking down all those pills. Looking forward to my neck blood test to see if I’m deficient in anything.

Maxine D
Awesome patches

Have been using for 2 months and I love them so far. Better than taking huge pills!

Dawn Heidlebaugh
Energy boost

I love the super vitamin patch, I have horrible Thyroid issues and take a medication that always makes me tired. These patches have helped considerably. I use all of them, they do have a smell but the assest out weighs the smell.

Love these patches !

I am a new user and I love everything about these patches .

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