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How To Defeat Stress With Nutrition


Do you remember that day when every spare second seemed to be consumed by yet another task that needed to get done?

Did it feel like there was no time to think due to the unending wave of deadlines and commitments?

Often this causes both physical and mental exhaustion due to your body’s desperate attempts to survive the demands placed on it?

Stress is a very real, multi-faceted threat to our health and longevity.

The Mind-Body Connection

When the mind is stressed, the body often follows.

The critical vitamins and minerals it needs to power through the day are used up far more rapidly (even inefficiently).

Imagine the difference in fuel consumption between a Prius compared to a tank.

That’s us when being anxious becomes an additional full-time job.

For this reason alone, it can be a great idea to take vitamins for stress to help minimize the damage it can have on your body.

How Vitamins Help You Reclaim Your Balance

Studies show that people who are in a stressful mind state tend to have lower levels of B-complex vitamins – which affect hormonal balance and biochemical reactions. Deficiencies of the B-complex can lead to a host of other problems, including depression, irritability, and irregular nerve functioning.

Vitamins C and E are also depleted faster when we’re under pressure for extended periods of time. These vitamins areantioxidants, which are irreplaceable powerhouses in keeping us in top shape. 

Deficiencies of these nutrients can result in damage on a cellular level caused by free radicals that thrive when there’s nothing to combat oxidation.

How Minerals Effect Your Stress Levels

Minerals are also depleted when cortisol (the stress hormone) is chronically elevated.

Two prime examples:  Magnesium and zinc. These are among the most important minerals drained. 

Every cell within us contains magnesium and needs it to function. It’s critical to energy production, nervous system health, and muscle activation. 

Zinc, which our bodies can’t produce, is absolutely necessary for a strong immune system, the healing of wounds, and skin health.

This is why it may be necessary to take supplements.

With so many brands and choices of vitamin pills on the market, it can be hard to choose and even harder to know if you’re getting quality supplements or flushing them down the drain. 

The brand of supplements you take is less important than the way you take them. 

Most vitamin pills on the market, even the top brands, only give you about 10-20% absorption due to the liver’s protective and destructive mechanism that breaks down the vitamins before they even get into your bloodstream?

That means you might be wasting 80-90% of your money on expensive pills that never really get a chance to help you. 

There’s a better way to take your vitamins though, and that’s to “wear them.”

Vitamin Patches allow you to absorb 80% or more of the vitamins directly through your skin, getting safely into your bloodstream and bypassing the liver completely. 

Science has shown that transdermal vitamins are a more effective way to deliver your dose. 

If you’ve seen smokers wear nicotine patches to get over their habit, then you’ll understand how it works. 

Only instead of delivering nicotine to help you stop a bad habit, Vitamin Patches deliver essential vitamins and help you start a lifelong healthy habit. 

Click here to learn more about Vitamin Patch Club and find the patches that are right for you.

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