How Vitamin Patches Can Help Those Affected By Autism

Autism is a developmental disability that can affect social skills, nonverbal as well as speech communication, induce repetitive behavior and more. Autism can be diagnosed from birth, but telltale signs can be diagnosed in people as young as 2 or 3 years old. As a result, Autism can affect a wide variety of people of different ages, cultures, and genders.

On average, Autism affects more than 1/100 people globally. The autism spectrum is wide and can affect several parts of the body, making each case unique to the individual. Autism can affect how people learn, and given that it is a spectrum disorder, it has its own set of challenges and strengths for each person affected. Associated medical conditions of autism include ADHD, anxiety disorders, depression, schizophrenia and more.

Vitamin levels amongst those diagnosed with Autism varies, and many people take a different mix of supplements to meet their nutritional needs or balance out deficiencies.

The Vitamins Industry

There is shared, universal understanding that vitamins in general are good for health and wellness. As a result, the vitamin industry has boomed as people have increasingly taken measures to improve their health.

Considering how vitamin products are common household items, it’s surprising that their formulas haven’t evolved over the past few decades. The primary forms in which people consume vitamins are through pills and tablets. While pills and tablets have worked historically, they no longer seem as effective when ingredients and absorption rates are measured.

Until now, vitamin pills have been the main vehicle through which the body absorbs vitamins in digestive systems. While these pills do contain some vitamins, the actual dosages are a miniscule amount. This is due to the mix of ingredients within vitamin pills. In order for pills to be digestible, they require “inactive” ingredients to make them safe. As a result, instead of having pills filled 100% with vitamins, the real dosage is a much smaller percentage. On top of that, some of these fillers or inactive ingredients can be harmful or affect different health issues. Some of these inactive ingredients include lead, mercury, artificial colouring, artificial flavouring, lactose, sugar alcohols and preservatives, to name a few! Having high ingredient lists correlates to different groups (and therefore more people) not having access or being able to safely consume pills. For example, if someone is lactose intolerant and vitamin pills contain lactose, they’ll be restricted.

On top of the already small dosage of vitamins stored in pills, only 30% of it is actually absorbed by the body. Ironically, the people taking vitamin pills as supplements are very rarely able to actually “supplement” deficiencies.

The Benefits Of Vitamin Patches

Vitamin Patch Club puts health and wellness first, and we have created all of our products with that in mind. With the creation of vitamin patches, we’ve completely eliminated the need for the traditional vitamin delivery system of pills. Our products are created with five ingredients or less--ingredients that people have actually have heard of before. Our development team consists of health, medical, and scientific experts that have collaborated to create vitamin products that can actually generate noticeable, measurable results.

Instead of absorbing only 30% of vitamin doses as pills do, people are able to retain 90% of vitamin doses through topical absorption in their skin.

Child with autism using vitamin patch

Parents of Kids with Autism

Here at Vitamin Patch Club, we genuinely care for the wellbeing of everyone. It’s why we’ve designed our products to be simple but effective. Our mission is to create vitamin products that cater to wide audiences so everyone can have added nutritional value with minimal risk.

For parents of children with Autism, we understand your need to simplify daily processes so that you can spend your time saved on your children's' needs. With our vitamin patches, you can simply put a patch on your child and not have to worry about feeding them multiple pills, sometimes multiple times a day. Additionally, our patches are equipped with adhesive technology that evenly distributes vitamin dosages throughout the day, so you be secure in knowing your child will be energized throughout the day.


Adults With Autism

For adults, some common symptoms of Autism can include depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety have been linked to deficiencies in Vitamin D, and although it won’t lead to a “cure”, it can certainly help in regulating moods and making individuals feel better and healthier overall. Our Wellness patch was designed with Vitamin D, and with our transdermal technology, 90% of the vitamin D in our patches can be absorbed through the skin.

Here at Vitamin Patch Club, we understand that vitamins can’t solve all problems. However, we wanted to share products that can maximize the benefits of vitamins and be accessible to everyone that truly needs to supplement deficiencies. Whether you’re looking to provide your children with low-risk alternatives to vitamin pills, or you’d like to reduce some symptoms of vitamin deficiencies, we’ve created our products with you in mind.

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