The Benefits of Vitamin Patches for Those With Digestive Issues

Today’s vitamins and supplements market is heavily saturated with a number of different brands offering a wide variety of products-- from popular vitamin pills like Vitamin C and D3 to multivitamins.

Cutting through the large volume of available products to find high quality vitamins that actually work have proven to be a struggle that many individuals share. Those who choose to take daily vitamin pills are usually seeking to enhance and maintain their health or rectify nutritional imbalances.

What’s Wrong With Vitamin Pills?

For people that have digestive issues or diseases, finding vitamins that don’t further agitate their systems can be incredibly difficult. Although vitamin pills are intended to improve health, they can actually create symptoms of:

  • Bloating
  • Vomiting
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Depression
  • Iron-deficiency
  • Gas
  • Constipation
  • Seizures and migraines

These negative symptoms are often due to the mix of ingredients in vitamin pills. Many vitamin companies add non-vitamin “filler” ingredients which only serve the purpose of making vitamins consumable. With a higher number of ingredients, there is a positive correlation of people that are unable to take the pills as they may activate allergies, digestive issues or other bodily irritations.

Furthermore, vitamin pills are produced in a manner that enables the body to only absorb 30% of an already miniscule dose of vitamins. So, for people who take it as a supplement, the pills don’t provide optimal vitamin absorption.

Until now, pills have been the primary method to take vitamins (apart from natural food intake). While many brands have evolved to try and accommodate dietary preferences-- things like eliminating artificial flavors and preservatives, they still incorporate many other ingredients that can create negative reactions. These companies still use traditional pills despite knowing that they don’t maximize vitamin intake, and that they don’t agree with a significant portion of global populations.

As a result, Vitamin Patch Club identified these major gaps in the market and worked to create products that:

1) Cuts out unnecessary, filler ingredients

2) Allows the body to absorb higher vitamin doses without exceeding the recommendations of health professionals

Vitamin Patch Club puts health and wellness first, and we have created all of our products with that in mind. With the creation of vitamin patches, we’ve completely eliminated the need for the traditional vitamin delivery system of pills. Our products are created with five ingredients or less--ingredients that people have actually have heard of before. Our development team consists of health, medical, and scientific experts that have collaborated to create vitamin products that can actually generate noticeable, measurable results.

Instead of absorbing only 30% of vitamin doses as pills do, people are able to retain 90% of vitamin doses through topical absorption in their skin.

How Vitamin Patches Can Help Those With Celiac and Crohn's Disease

Individuals with celiac disease often experience nutritional deficiencies across vitamins, minerals, calories and protein. Therefore, it’s common for individuals diagnosed with celiac disease to feel low in energy, experience fatigue and in some cases, mood disorders. Taking supplements can certainly help in improving these imbalances, but the ingredients in many vitamin pills prevent those with from being able to even take supplements. Vitamin pills can contain inactive ingredients like gluten or wheat starch, which can significantly harm those with celiac disease.

Many individuals with Crohn's's also supplement nutritional deficiencies through vitamin and mineral products. However, with many products having ingredients like lactose, sugar alcohols, preservatives and artificial colours, they are not ideal for already weakened digestive systems. Medical studies have found that Vitamin D can not only improve the overall health of those with Crohn's's, but even ease symptoms specific to the disease. Ultimately, finding ways to increase vitamin intake can improve health and quality of life for those with Crohn’s.

Instead of providing small doses of vitamins through pills, vitamin patches release vitamins steadily through the skin. Therefore, the process of digesting vitamins is eliminated completely and creates safe vitamin intake, even for those with disease-related restrictions.

Vitamin Patch club’s best-selling  wellness patch that has worked wonders for those with digestive issues. The patch includes 3 ingredients: Vitamin D (20 mcg) and Vitamin C (6mg), as well as a polyacrylate adhesive (vehicle for vitamin absorption). The high dosage of Vitamin D can help those with Celiac and Crohn's disease by reducing the severity of some symptoms. Furthermore, Vitamin D is responsible for supporting healthy immune systems, lowering depression rates, and increasing bone and muscle health. Other benefits of the wellness patch include mood regulation and support to the nervous and brain system.

Try Vitamin Patch Club’s wellness patch today to get your daily dose of essential vitamins without having to worry about the side effects that many vitamin pills offer. Our vitamin patches offer high doses of vitamins and they don’t go through digestive systems at all-- perfect for those that have irregular digestive issues. Most importantly, our patches use transdermal technology to release vitamin doses throughout the day, so you can feel improvements to your mood all day rather than in bursts!


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