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The Benefits of Vitamin Patches For Those With Anxiety

There is a universal understanding that vitamins contain essential nutrients that can improve health and wellness. Although vitamins have traditionally been absorbed through the consumption of natural foods, the market for vitamin and supplement products have exploded in recent decades due to multiple health complications and issues. 

What's Wrong With Vitamin Pills?

Today’s vitamin and supplement market is heavily saturated with a number of different brands offering a wide variety of products-- from popular vitamin pills like Vitamin C and D3 to multivitamins.

Those who choose to take vitamin products on a daily basis are usually aiming to either enhance their health, or supplement deficiencies. However, the majority of products available are in pill form, and pills unfortunately don’t maximize nutrient absorption due to how they are produced.

When vitamins are developed in pill form, only 30% of its contents can be absorbed in the digestive system. The other 70% consists of “non-active” ingredients, or ingredients that only serve one real purpose: to bind the pill together so that it is consumable. These additional ingredients can include artificial colours, hydrogenated oils, lead, mercury, PCBs, titanium dioxide, talc, magnesium silicate, riboflavin, cellulose and more. There is a positive correlation between long ingredient lists and increased numbers of individuals that are unable to consume vitamin and supplement pills. Statistically, the more ingredients, the more that people may be allergic to, or react negatively to pills.

Studies have shown that the aforementioned non-active ingredients can cause lung inflammation, increased cholesterol levels, induce intestine inflammation, and negatively impact mood and behaviour.

While many brands have evolved to try and accommodate dietary preferences-- things like eliminating artificial flavors and preservatives, they still incorporate many other ingredients that can create negative reactions. These companies still use traditional pills despite knowing that they don’t maximize vitamin intake, and that they don’t agree with a significant portion of global populations.

As a result, there’s a significant need for vitamin alternatives that can both increase vitamin absorption levels and use minimal ingredients to limit barriers to consumption.

What Makes Vitamin Patch Different?

Vitamin Patch Club identified these two issues in the industry, and created safe, minimal risk products that can be used by all kinds of people. With the revolutionary creation of vitamin patches, we’ve completely eliminated the need for the traditional vitamin delivery system of pills. Wearing your vitamins can actually deliver nutrients and vitamins more efficiently than pills!

Our products are created with five ingredients or less--ingredients that people have actually have heard of before. In fact, our only inactive ingredient is the polyacrylate adhesive used transfer vitamins directly through the skin. Instead of absorbing only 30% of vitamin doses as pills do, people are able to retain 90% of vitamin doses through topical absorption in their skin.

Vitamin Patch Club’s development team consists of health, medical, and scientific experts that have collaborated to create vitamin products that can actually generate noticeable, measurable results.



How Vitamin Patches Can Help Those With Anxiety

Individuals struggling with anxiety are often subject to symptoms of feeling nervous, tense and restless. They may also experience increased heart rates, fatigue and other negative symptoms. It’s common for people with feelings of anxiousness to seek out ways to simplify daily life processes-- even taking vitamin pills.

Instead of providing small doses of vitamins through pills, vitamin patches release vitamins steadily through the skin. Therefore, the process of digesting vitamins is eliminated completely and creates safe vitamin intake, even for those with disease-related restrictions. So, for people with anxiety, they can simply just put on a vitamin patch and not have to worry about taking multiple pills at specific times throughout the day.

Vitamin Patch club’s best-selling  wellness patch that has been an incredibly successful vitamin alternative for those with anxiety. The patch includes 3 ingredients: Vitamin D (20 mcg) and Vitamin C (6mg), as well as a polyacrylate adhesive (vehicle for vitamin absorption). The high dosage of Vitamin D can help those with anxiety by reducing the severity of some symptoms. Furthermore, Vitamin D is responsible for improving mental wellness, lowering feelings of anxiousness and depression, and increasing bone and muscle health. Other benefits of the wellness patch include mood regulation and support to the nervous and brain system.

Try Vitamin Patch Club’s wellness patch today to get your daily dose of essential vitamins without having to worry about the side effects that many vitamin pills offer. Our vitamin patches offer high doses of vitamins and use transdermal technology to release vitamin doses throughout the day, so you can feel improvements to your mood all day rather than in bursts!

Get Your Wellness Patch:

Vitamin Patch Club Wellness Patch

If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to vitamin pills,  try Vitamin Patch Club today.

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