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VPC Gives Back July

VPC Gives Back (March Edition)

Every Month VPC Gives Back

VPC Gives Back (March Edition)

Shane Griffin  CNP, ROHP


New month, new opportunities.

Every month we are grateful and proud to post the charities that @vitaminpatchclub has supported to #makeanimpact

This month we are excited to share where we were able to support because of the amazing customers we lovingly call our #vitaminpatchers.

Michael B. Jordan's annual fundraising night for lupus awareness and research will return for its third consecutive year on July 27 at Dave & Busters in Hollywood. Since the first MBJam event in 2017, the Creed II and Black Panther star, along with the nonprofit health organization Lupus L.A., has raised thousands of dollars. "Together, we can raise money and awareness to fight lupus while bringing an afternoon of fun to those who suffer from it”.

Muskoka Boat Rally for Kids with Cancer

It is a unique, thrilling and exciting boating event that has put the FUN into FUNDRAISING. More importantly, the funds raised from this event will support children’s cancer research, treatment and care at SickKids. A portion of the proceeds from this year’s Boat Rally will go towards Camp Oochigeas which is a privately funded, volunteer-based organization that provides kids with and affected by childhood cancer with unique opportunities for growth through challenging, fun enriching and magical experiences.

The Rexall OneWalk to Conquer Cancer benefiting Princess Margaret Cancer Center.One Powerful Community.

One Powerful Challenge. This life-changing fundraising experience gives Walkers two ways to Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime. Choose our 15-kilometre City Nights Walk through downtown Toronto or—for the first time ever!—head out with us and hit the road with our 15 or 25 kilometer Day Trip through Boyd Conservation Area.

Thank you,

Shane Griffin CNP ROHP

What is a Vitamin Patch?

Transdermal patches deliver vitamins safely and uniformly, directly into the bloodstream. Most over-the-counter vitamins contain worthless fillers, binders, and synthetics that cause the active ingredients to be ELIMINATED from your body. With VPC vitamin patches the only thing you’re doing is gaining nutrients with organic ingredients.

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