How do you treat your Energy?

I was speaking with a client the other day and the idea of energy came up. To be clear their placement of energy not their activity level or the kind that charges our cell phones.—More importantly redefining energy.

I noticed that they were focused on exerting energy in a place that has no possible return on investment.

Stay with me here we are still talking about energy.

We have a weird way of treating energy like an unlimited resource. It is not. Think of energy like cash, or even better an investment.

If you knew that placing your energy on something that has no positive return would you still spend it there?

Energy is a commodity one that is precious. To focus it on anything other then what can improve your situation or those around you is just a bad investment.

We exchange energy much like we do money. We spend it daily and also receive it back but often we spend it on useless shit. Wasting the precious resource it is. We also sometimes get back energy that is a currency that has less value.

Imagine if you had $100.00 of energy a day to spend. Let’s pretend to get mad at the person that cut you off in traffic is $15.00 and then maybe getting upset at the less then perfect service at a restaurant was another $20.00 you already spent $35.00 for the day.

How much does your work, relationships, yourself and your happiness cost? Are you spending your energy wisely or foolishly?

When we alter our perception of an intangible thing like energy to a value based system like currency we can all get a better return on investment.

Invest your energy on the good, the decisive, the important and the growth areas don’t wast the precious daily energy on the lost causes or silly ambitions that just leave you broke.

I call it an energy budget, you need to save it, spend it wisely and invest it because a time will come as it does where some unforeseen issue will arise where need the capital you have set aside to help you get through it.

Think about how you will spend your energy today!

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I was pretty skeptical at first wondering if they'd work , an to my surprise they do I've been using them now for 3 months . They don't give you a burst of energy it's just a even amount. I work 2 jobs and I'm 45 so it's definitely doing it's job . Hands down I recommend.
Thanks vitamin patch