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Strength Patch (Iron)


Strength Patch

Iron is an essential mineral that our bodies need to maintain healthy blood cells and muscles. The body needs iron to make hemoglobin, responsible for carrying oxygen in the blood. Iron also helps to maintain healthy nerve function.

The Strength Patch is a patch that provides iron bisglycinate, a highly bioavailable form of iron. The patch also contains l-leucine, l-isoleucine, and l-valine, which are essential amino acids that are necessary for muscle growth and repair.

Here’s what each patch contains, 30 patches per pack:

  • Iron (III) Bisglycinate    (5.6 mg)
  • L-Leucine                      (2.0 mg)
  • L-isoleucine                  (1.0  mg)
  • L-valine                          (1.0 mg)
  • CoQ10                           (.4 mg)
  • Cosmoperine                 (.2mg)

      Customer Reviews

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      Erica Hearrean
      Iron Patch

      I live in a very small town and 4 times a year, I coordinate a blood drive. My iron was too low the first couple of times, so I could not donate blood. So...I got on some really expensive "supplements", which I did not like, but they work. I quit taking the supplements and in May, at the blood drive, I saw my iron was getting low. I was able to donate, but I knew I had to do something. I ordered the iron patches. I used a total of 10 before the last blood drive, which was a couple days ago. My iron level increased so much! No problem donating blood now! The patches are less expensive and a lot easier to use! I am going to try some other patches!!!!!


      I never knew getting my vitamins could be so easy

      Sarah Reynolds
      Iove the ease of these patches.

      I won't know until my blood tests in 3 months how effective they are. Hoping for a positive test result.

      Katie K
      Love these patches!

      For some reason my body has a hard time absorbing pill vitamins. I noticed that when taking pill vitamins along with my prescription medication that I felt terrible. Like my body was only absorbing half of each. Which sounds a little weird but that's what it felt like - like I was going through withdrawals from my anti-depressants. So I stopped taking the pill vitamins and switched to these. I can tell by 10am if I forgot to put my patches on that morning. It definitely gives me the boost I need and the vitamins I am deficient in. My bloodwork numbers have greatly improved!

      Mollie Yates
      Blood work proves it

      My 1 year old was severely anemic and prescribed a liquid iron supplement. Her prescription increased by a substitute doctor (for no solid reason as at that point her CBC was just outside of the normal range). The doctor who made her original prescription gave approval for us to use whatever supplement form we were most comfortable with as long as she received 15 mg of elemental iron, and studies have shown low-dose supplementation to be effective at treating iron-deficiency anemia. Oral iron supplements provide the bad bacteria in the gut a feast, so I had to find a better way for my baby. We first came across Energy Plus, an herbal supplement, which provides iron like from a food source and is said to be more bioavailable, but didn’t meet our 15 mg requirement. We came across VPC and I was super wary at first as a lot of other brands don’t work, but I found in the review many people who had anemia saying their bloodwork came back well. Well, I am overjoyed to say my daughter’s bloodwork has also reported normal! The form of iron in the patch is the same she was prescribed, which is already more bioavailable, and we used two patches at a time or per day in conjunction with the herbal supplement to meet the 15 mg requirement. Now that she’s in the normal range we’ve decreased to one patch per day. Her hematologist was intrigued to learn about the patches, told us to keep it up, and also told us about a cooking tool called the Lucky Iron Fish/Leaf. Thank you VPC, I would say you’re literally a life saver (my daughter was a 27 week preemie & the iron supplement in the NiCU wreaked havoc on her digestive/immune system, and your patches allow us to continue to heal her gut.) Oh, and I’ve been using the strength patch as well seeing as how we breastfeed, and if she was anemic then I most certainly was, too. I’ve started sticking these to my husband when he’s home from work, too, because he doesn’t like taking his capsules. We also use the energize patch as b vitamin supplementation is important when you don’t often eat meat, and now that we’ve had bloodwork to prove the efficacy we intent to start using all the patches; I am ecstatic for when the children-specific patches are released!

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