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At Vitamin Patch Club we manufacture the best Vitamin Patches made here in America. Our Patches are organic, gluten free, vegan, and free from any binders and fillers. Check out what our customers think.

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Energize Patch
Mary Stephens
It helps

I haven't been able to ingest B vitamins for several years and really missed them. This helps get me through my days and so easy to use!

This patch is awesome! I recently was diagnosed with P.O.T.S and these wellness patches have helped! I’m also a teacher, I was constantly sick and now I haven’t felt even a dry throat!

Defense Bundle
Almost perfect nutrition delivery

I like everything about this product except that the adhesive is difficult to remove and is starting to irritate my skin. I may need to cancel because of this and that will be a shame…

The Mom Bundle
Jennifer Hennessey

My complicated digestive system hasn’t allowed me to take vitamins ever! The vitamin patch Club has fulfilled my dreams and I couldn’t be happier with the results

The Supreme Bundle
Alyssa Peterson

The customer service is amazing! My first order was lost and they shipped a second without hesitation. I think the patches work relatively. I personally don’t like the sticky residue. It’s very hard to get off even when scrubbing

The Supreme Bundle
Karen Seaman
Work well

Work great and convenient. Only drawback is trying to get the adhesive off especially from the melatonin patch.

Restore Patch (Zinc)
Kitty Johnson
Wellness and restore patches

Wow…I needed these..easy to use, great results, and being a nurse, everyone asks about what’s on my wrists…you have many new customers because of my bragging 💖💖

I began using the Wellness Patch in hopes of boosting my Vitamin D and other levels in a good way. I love to roller skate and dance and at 52 years old, I have noticed the burst of energy and how good I'm feeling.

It's only been two months, but so far so good.
I plan to keep on using the Vitamin patches.


Gastric By pass malabsorption issue

These are GREAT! Mind you I have one has them 1 month. Being a Bypass patient over 12 post op this is the best I have felt. Just went to get bloodwork and can’t wait for the results!

The Super8 B Complex
Rita Trapaga-Bazail
Patch love

No more vitamin after taste. I take a lot of supplements. These patches reduced it. The energize is amazing.


I’ve been enjoying my vitamin patches. I feel energized and healthy. I never felt this effect from vitamin pills.


I have been taking these about three weeks now an feel amazing waiting on blood work to come back to see how I’m doing with vit D

The Supreme Bundle
Jana Judkins

My body doesn't soak in pills. The patches are actually letting the vitamins go to where their supposed to. Also 3 people had covid in my house, and I'm the only one that didn't get it. I thank the vitamin patches I'm taking.

Stamina Bundle
Angela S.

I almost immediately felt the helpful effects of my vitamin patches. I have low iron and the patches helped to give me that little extra boost that I need to keep going.

Would of been 5 starts but leaves a sticky residue

I use this patch along with the Super 8 patch. Between the two I feel great, an energy I haven't had in a very long time. I feel good from morning to evening when wearing my patches. I used to use vitamin pills and never felt as good as I do on these patches. The only downside is the sticky residue.

Sleep Patch
Brandi G
Feels like it works sometimes

I have noticed that this patch seems to only work some nights. The nights it works I fall asleep faster and wake up less throughout the night. But the nights it doesn't work I am still up for hours and when I do finally sleep I have very vivid dreams - nothing too bad. I also don't like the residue the patch leaves behind.

Love the Vitamins! Don't love the sticky residue

Love the vitamins, really gives me a good boost of energy and it lasts all day, no afternoon drag. I don't love the amount of sticky residue that is left behind!

Support Bundle
Wanda Jack

Simple to use. I really like the patches.i have noticed the differences with both patches.
I need to find a patch that has the Total daily vitamins on it.

My Patches

Not crazy about how they stain your skin and they leave a sticky outline of the patch on you skin that is hard to remove.

Total Package Bundle
Mary Robinson

These are a welcomed answer to daily vitamins. So easy to use. No more chocking down all those pills. Looking forward to my neck blood test to see if I’m deficient in anything.

Sunshine in a patch😍

I have a hard time absorbing vitamin D supplements so I decided to give the patch a try. I was sceptical but desperate. I could tell they were working in just 4 days of wearing them. So nice not to have to count drops. I'm so thankful for this amazing product. I haven't had my level checked since trying them but my symptoms are better so I will continue to use them

Strength Patch (Iron)
Lori Carmichael
No digestion issues from patch

Since using the patch for my iron supplement I no longer have digestive issues. They are a game changer for me.


I have been iron poor for a long time and the pills and shots are hard with little success. The patches work! My very first blood draw showed My iron was better!

A game patch

This patch gave me the extra energy I needed for a project I was doing. I couldn't believe how great I felt all day. No after noon nap needed. I don't wear it every day but on days that I know will be stressful it helps curb the stress. VERY strong vitamin smell to it but the sense of smell is also a means of delivery of nutrients.


Love these patches, they give that extra boost to get through the day!