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Vitamin Patch Club reviews. At Vitamin Patch Club we manufacture the best Vitamin Patches made here in America. Our Patches are organic, gluten free, vegan, and free from any binders and fillers. Check out what our customers think.
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Works Great!

I can definitely tell through out my work day I now have more energy even when I get off after working 10 hours. I saw results in just one week of wearing energize patch everyday. I highly recommend!!


I have trouble swallowing pills due to swelling in my neck. I have a vitamin deficiency and these are helping me greatly. Wonderful product! I love Vitamin Patch Club!

Beauty Patch (Biotin, Vitamin B7)


I love that I don't have to take pills anymore, super easy and work great!


I've been using these for 2 months now. And my vitamin d level has went up 10 points!!

Vitamin Patch

I love this way of receiving my vitamins

Beauty Patch (Biotin, Vitamin B7)

New way to take your vitamins

Great way to relax and take your vitamins. Only thing is the patch is very sticky and hard to get off unless you shower.

Just love this product! Used to pay for B12 Shot, well not any more.

Energize Patch (B12+B6+B9)

Beauty Patch (Biotin, Vitamin B7)

Where have these been my whole life?!

I have had issues with pills my entire life. I have trouble swallowing them as well as nausea and upset stomach once it’s started breaking down. My energy level, although subtle so far, has already made a vast difference in me. The main thing I noticed on a weekend out and about with my six year old son was that I wasn’t always immediately looking for a place to sit down. I only anticipate further positive differences from continuing to take these. Within just a few days, having already seeing results, I ordered the vitamin D patch to wear along with the B. Thank you so much, and I can’t wait to see what else the company can create.

Beauty Patch (Biotin, Vitamin B7)

Great product

I love these patches, I hate taking all those pills and I’m always forgetting to take them. I put my patches on before bedtime and remove them in the morning. It’s that easy.

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These are great

These are easy to remember to change and I love that it soaks into my skin faster than popping a pill!

Vitamin B12+ Patch (B12+B6+B9)

Love this patch!

I used to pay way too much for weekly b-12 shots. These are cheaper, easier, and effective!

Vitamin B12+ Patch (B12+B6+B9)

Vitamin B12+ Patch (B12+B6+B9)

Love the B12+B6+B9 patches!!

Love these patches!! Definitely feel so much more energized throughout the day! They help mama life be a little bit easier! Thanks VPC!!

5 stars!

I hate swallowing pills, so these absolutely delivered! I have been using the B+ for a couple weeks and have been feeling so great!

I wasn’t sure what was going to happen

These are genuinely awesome. I didn’t think I was experiencing anything but there are definently signs. My period was way more manageable. I see a big difference in my nail strength. I had my boyfriend try one and where he is normally down and depressed half way through the day he said he felt a difference in his body immediately. The whole reason I tried this was because my stomach doesn’t like vitamins and this was the trick. If they could make some for iron my mom would be in heaven because the main thing with the iron pills is the stomach stuff.

Not sure?

Im not sure if they are actually working lol but obviously they have to be. I moght possibly need something else. I've developed a rash and I think it's because I have too much b12 in my body. So I will opt out for another pack just different vitimins. It beats taking a pill every day that's for sure.