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Vitamin Patch Club reviews. At Vitamin Patch Club we manufacture the best Vitamin Patches made here in America. Our Patches are organic, gluten free, vegan, and free from any binders and fillers. Check out what our customers think.
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My wife and and I have seen/felt the benefits.
Very good product .

Great product!

I love the product, I could never get pills down so this is a great alternative.


Loads of energy!

Love these patches.

I've used other popular name brand of patches and the whole 3 step routine didnt work as well as these do.


The patches have made travelling with vitamins soooo much easier.
Also I do notice a difference in my energy levels so I’m happy with my beauty patch and looking forward to trying the other patches!

Great product

I have deficiency due to the medications I am on. So I decided to give them a try. I can’t wait until my next order comes because I am in love with them.

Best way to take vitamins

If you haven’t gone with the vitamin patch to get tour vitamins, you should. Love them

Love my vitamin Patch - so far so good!

Seems to help, but not for me

I bought this for the family to try. I have used it without much effect. However my SO (who suffers from SAD like clockwork every year) says it’s made a big difference for them.

Biotin patch

I’m amazed. My nails usually peel off now they are so think and LONG. I haven’t noticed a difference in heart length yet but others notice it’s getting longer.

Very pleased

I take these and the B12 myself, as well as cut them both in half to give my skin half a patch or day (he is 5.)

He is visibly healthier, it is a very gloomy and germy time of year! I feel much better at work.

Easy to Use

The patches are a very convenient way to take vitamins. They work pretty well I think, and don't upset my stomach like vitamin pills do!

The Patch

Absolutely love my patch!! So easy and gives me tons of energy!!

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I wake up in the morning peel it and stick it on and I’m of to work thanks vitamin patch club.

B12 patch

So far been using it 7 days. I think I feel better. I sleep better that I know.

So simple

Love it just peel and stick🙏


So glad I found these patches, so convenient and they work! Definitely give me more energy!


I absolutely love these patches!❤

So far so good...

I've only been using it two weeks so it's impossible to tell you that there's this amazing difference, yet I can say that the patches are small, unobtrusive, and the adhesive has not irritated my extremely sensitive skin.

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Beauty Patch (Biotin, Vitamin B7)

So far so good

I am wearing my vitamins. Not sure right now if they are helping much but it would make sense to be able to absorb vitamins just as a nicotine works. I will continue using them and update as I notice improvement.