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At Vitamin Patch Club we manufacture the best Vitamin Patches made here in America. Our Patches are organic, gluten free, vegan, and free from any binders and fillers. Check out what our customers think.

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Laura Jeppesen
They Really Help Me Keep Going!

These Super 8 patches have given me energy and helped me stay awake as I work throughout the day. They also seem to help me reduce the nerve pain I have.

I really like energize, strength, wellness and sleep. I will continue to energize daily. Sleep has been helpful for me and my son to maintain sleep throughout the night. Strength seems to be a way to absorb iron without as many side effects.

P. Ruby
Works Very Well !!

Super Fast Quick Delivery!
Very Convenient especially when you forget to take your oral vitamins! I felt much better while using these !!

Dianne Frey
Energized patches

I have been using these patches for 5 months now. I can definitely tell a difference when I am not wearing one. The boost in energy is just the right amount. I will continue to use them.

Can't thank you enough!!

Super8 everyday:)

Sharon Routledge

II am allergic to either the glue or the latex. Finally after all these years I recognize it is the latex. Love your products and would love to see more diversity in them such as calc, boron and silca. They have certainly helped me avoided daily injections in order to deal with severe malabsorption syndrome. It would be great if more offerings could be made in the area of amino acids. Thank you.

Actually, I need to cancel. I must be allergic because I am getting rashes.

Jennifer Welsh

I have so much more energy! They work!


Love these patches! I feel better.

The Supreme Bundle
Rhoda Fosler
Customer Service Severely Lacking

Though the vitamins are good, the customer service for this company is severely lacking. You can leave voice mails and emails and neither receives a response until you have attempted contact multiple times. When you try to return a product, the post office says the address they gave you is far from correct. The city doesn’t match the zip code and the street address is for an Aldi Grocery Store. They also charge a restocking fee and you have to pay for the return. So though they have a good product, the issues with their customer service makes buying their product a nightmare. Steer clear!

marcy smith

Loving my Wellness patch, it's helping keep my mood up in this NW area. I've noticed a difference. As well as I'm sure it's helping with my calcium absorption at my age I need that extra help

Absolutely love!

These patches are what I've been looking for to boost my energy levels. I couldn't ask for better.

Glutamine ☹️

I like this product except for the glutamine. Studies have showed it worsens esophagus inflammation so I am terrified to use them. I wish they make a similar product without the glutamine

I got the energy patch

My second day!
I love it!!!!
It is the very best, patch ever!

It last for me all day.

Doreen Reith

Reached out many times and nobody gets back to me. I read this poorly.

Ginger Richter
Simplify your life with Vitamin Patches

I have acid reflux and it makes it hard to swallow pills. With Vitamin Patch it’s not a problem. I’m feeling better and I will continue using them. Thanks Vitamin Patch!

I was afraid this would have too much caffine for me, but it seems to be just right. My energy level seemed to stay up all day. For me the All B vitamin (Super 8) patch is more energizing for me.

Defense Bundle
Esther Maldonado
Vitamin check

Love them. Have my membership and happy with the product

Dolly Affetto

Great products. No more upset stomach form oral vitamins.
Put you patches on and you are good.

Defense Bundle
Natalie Gary
Awesome product

I love these patches they make me feel amazing and I can really tell a difference. Ive tried all but the iron patches and my fav are the energy and the super 8


Definitely helps keep my mood up, especially when I can't be outside all the time.

marcy smith

So far it has helped me stay focused at work, and energized especially when I'm fasting. These patches are a good tool for my life style.

Kaylee Eylander
I love this patch!

I love being able to use a patch to get my daily dose of zinc! I wear it over night and I’m super happy I don’t have to take another pill! I highly recommend it!

Support Bundle
Jessie S.
Absolutely enjoy!!!

So far I'm enjoying my bundle, starting to feel better everyday. Definitely recommend!! Worth trying and will continue

KT Buchholz
Love the vitamins, hate the subscription

My husband and I really like these vitamins. I do especially, because I have a very bad thyroid and need the strength and energy. The difference I feel between having to take vitamins I swallow and have to digest is so different. I didn't even know I wasn't digesting them properly until I started using these patches. With that being said, nothing is perfect. I hate that it has to be a subscription. I wish they had enough faith in their product to know we would keep ordering them - on our own schedules. And because I'm 63, the adhesive is a bit too strong (I wear five a day). I have to be very careful not to put them on the same place too often, or my skin tears. Skin gets thin as we age. It would be a great idea to make less strong adhesive ones for us older people. Over all, I do really like these vitamins. They make a good difference in what I can get accomplished in a day.