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At Vitamin Patch Club we manufacture the best Vitamin Patches made here in America. Our Patches are organic, gluten free, vegan, and free from any binders and fillers. Check out what our customers think.

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Best Purchase Ever!!

I’m 3months in and noticed a difference just 3 DAYS in! Easy to place, no skin irritation, easy to remove! I’m about to start ordering Strengrh for my teenage daughter!

So Good!

Make no mistake. These patches are super strong. They do have a “vitamin smell” and are so strong that I can taste them. But that’s okay because they work! After a couple days of wearing these patches, I felt less tired and the brain fog began to lift. I could feel a difference almost immediately.


I am happy to know that the ingredients in the patch are doing their job. Everything is being absorbed, unlike when I take Vit. D orally.


This has made a big difference for my health and wellbeing past two months. Convenient to use and love that it's a no pill vitamin concept. Highly recommend!

Support Bundle
Pamela McChesney
Great product

I am really happy with using Vitamin Patches. My hair looks fuller and is filling in where it was a little thin. Also my nails are getting stronger. As a 66 yr. old, strong bones and nails are a must. I put my patches on when I go to bed, it is a lot better than swallowing pills which bother my throat. I will feel like the pills are still there when I now they are not.

Defense Bundle
Amy Alvarado
Defense bundle

I love these products. Much easier than taking pills, so convenient. As someone with Crohn’s disease, I am always concerned about whether I’m getting any effects from pills. With these, I don’t have to worry and they are delivered to me so I don’t have to constantly be checking what I have left. Thank you!!

Feeling it!

I have been using the Energize patches for over 3 weeks and I do feel like I have more energy. I am starting to be more active and taking care of the things that I usually want to put off to another time.

Total Package Bundle
Angel Doyle
Vitamin C

Need a high dose vitamin c

Love these patches!

For some reason my body has a hard time absorbing pill vitamins. I noticed that when taking pill vitamins along with my prescription medication that I felt terrible. Like my body was only absorbing half of each. Which sounds a little weird but that's what it felt like - like I was going through withdrawals from my anti-depressants. So I stopped taking the pill vitamins and switched to these. I can tell by 10am if I forgot to put my patches on that morning. It definitely gives me the boost I need and the vitamins I am deficient in. My bloodwork numbers have greatly improved!

Very happy with it.

I have used the Biotin patch for a month now and I really feel like it had helped my hair feel and look fuller. My nails seem to be healthier as well. I don't like the biotin drinks and taking pills as I sometime can still feel the pills in my throat after I have swallowed them. So I am excited about the patches and I have kept adding more as I use up the pill form of supplements.

Strength Patch (Iron)
Mollie Yates
Blood work proves it

My 1 year old was severely anemic and prescribed a liquid iron supplement. Her prescription increased by a substitute doctor (for no solid reason as at that point her CBC was just outside of the normal range). The doctor who made her original prescription gave approval for us to use whatever supplement form we were most comfortable with as long as she received 15 mg of elemental iron, and studies have shown low-dose supplementation to be effective at treating iron-deficiency anemia. Oral iron supplements provide the bad bacteria in the gut a feast, so I had to find a better way for my baby. We first came across Energy Plus, an herbal supplement, which provides iron like from a food source and is said to be more bioavailable, but didn’t meet our 15 mg requirement. We came across VPC and I was super wary at first as a lot of other brands don’t work, but I found in the review many people who had anemia saying their bloodwork came back well. Well, I am overjoyed to say my daughter’s bloodwork has also reported normal! The form of iron in the patch is the same she was prescribed, which is already more bioavailable, and we used two patches at a time or per day in conjunction with the herbal supplement to meet the 15 mg requirement. Now that she’s in the normal range we’ve decreased to one patch per day. Her hematologist was intrigued to learn about the patches, told us to keep it up, and also told us about a cooking tool called the Lucky Iron Fish/Leaf. Thank you VPC, I would say you’re literally a life saver (my daughter was a 27 week preemie & the iron supplement in the NiCU wreaked havoc on her digestive/immune system, and your patches allow us to continue to heal her gut.) Oh, and I’ve been using the strength patch as well seeing as how we breastfeed, and if she was anemic then I most certainly was, too. I’ve started sticking these to my husband when he’s home from work, too, because he doesn’t like taking his capsules. We also use the energize patch as b vitamin supplementation is important when you don’t often eat meat, and now that we’ve had bloodwork to prove the efficacy we intent to start using all the patches; I am ecstatic for when the children-specific patches are released!

Strength Patch (Iron)
jayme clarke
Bundle of love

I started using Iron, zinc and d patches , I was feeling a difference within the first week. I love this so much better than taking a bunch of pills

Total Package Bundle
Kelly Mansfield
So far so good!

I love getting the vitamins I need without taking pills :)

The Super8 B Complex
Kelly Mansfield
Super 8 Smell

Although I do like these patches, they do have an odour that isn't very pleasant. There is a warning in the description however I did not think they would be as strong as they are. I just don't wear them when I am going out or around others.

They work

So I wore the patches for a week then I had to reduce how long I wore them because they make me feel too hyped up. I wear them maybe three times a week for a couple hours only now.


Love wearing my vitamins! No pills yay! This is an easy step to being proactive about my health

please keep making this

I am extremely deficient in vitamins and minerals due to digestive issues. I have tried supplements of all kinds, even liquid. This is the first product that has helped me, tremendously. I cannot live without these.


I love these products. It has made a huge difference in my day to day life.

Total Package Bundle
Hannah Doucette

I have been using vitamin patches for a little over 6 months now and the difference that I feel and see in myself is incredible! I feel healthier, happier, and looking forward to staying in vitamin patch club!

Great Patches

Improved all aspects of my health.

Strength Patch (Iron)
Danuta Quinn
Very happy

I love the patches so easy to use, I take the iron patch and first time in my life no upset tummy.

Total Package Bundle
Yvonne Coletta
Early days

It took a long time for the order to arrive and I was sent iron instead of calcium/mag.
Other than that, I love the ease of application and not having to swallow pills.


Not sure how I’m suppose to feel, but I have had more energy the last week! I love not having to take more pills, as I take a lot of supplements!

The Super8 B Complex
Oriana Leo
Excellent for Migraine Prevention

I personally use and recommend this VPC product to my migraine coaching clients - since gut health issues abound it's much smarter to "wear your vitamins" than to take them orally. I used the Energize patch with success, but now that we've got this killer B Complex patch I've upgraded to it and use it daily to keep me functioning at an optimal level.

Easy to Use and Effective

I was struggling with anemia because I hated taking the iron supplements in pill form and would always put it off or forget. I've been using the patches for two months and my energy levels have improved and I have fewer headaches. I hope to get bloodwork done soon to confirm but the patches seem to be working and they are very easy to use and be consistent with. I'm very happy with this product.