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Vitamin Patch Club reviews. At Vitamin Patch Club we manufacture the best Vitamin Patches made here in America. Our Patches are organic, gluten free, vegan, and free from any binders and fillers. Check out what our customers think.
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I have been using vitamin patches for a little over 6 months now and the difference that I feel and see in myself is incredible! I feel healthier, happier, and looking forward to staying in vitamin patch club!

Great Patches

Improved all aspects of my health.

Very happy

I love the patches so easy to use, I take the iron patch and first time in my life no upset tummy.

Early days

It took a long time for the order to arrive and I was sent iron instead of calcium/mag.
Other than that, I love the ease of application and not having to swallow pills.


Not sure how I’m suppose to feel, but I have had more energy the last week! I love not having to take more pills, as I take a lot of supplements!

Excellent for Migraine Prevention

I personally use and recommend this VPC product to my migraine coaching clients - since gut health issues abound it's much smarter to "wear your vitamins" than to take them orally. I used the Energize patch with success, but now that we've got this killer B Complex patch I've upgraded to it and use it daily to keep me functioning at an optimal level.

Easy to Use and Effective

I was struggling with anemia because I hated taking the iron supplements in pill form and would always put it off or forget. I've been using the patches for two months and my energy levels have improved and I have fewer headaches. I hope to get bloodwork done soon to confirm but the patches seem to be working and they are very easy to use and be consistent with. I'm very happy with this product.

Awesome Product

The Vitamin patches have done me a world of good. So nice to see the hair and nail results.

Jim Bryant, Ph.D.


I love these. You just put them on and they work. No pill to take.

Love! Love! Love!

What great energy!

Patch Support

I am very happy with my patch support. It’s so much better to avoid going through my stomach that gets upset with pills. I feel well & believe I am absorbing more with the patch.

Susan B

Blood test showed that my iron increased wearing the iron patch. Plus I feel better and have more energy. I will be wearing my iron patch always.

Fantastic product

I use all of the patches and have already noticed a difference in my energy levels.

For my entire life I have struggled to take pills—when I’ve forced myself to take them it has been inconsistent because they make me nauseous. Over the years I’ve tried every kind of shake, powder and liquid vitamins. Utterly exhausting and a huge waste of money. Also, not conducive for anyone who travels for work. I could not be happier to have found vitamin patch.

Wow! Works awesome

I’ve been ya VPC member for two years now. And I was excited to try this out. Wowza... not only was a migraine gone in about 30 minutes but this patch also helped cure a couple hangovers.

Good stuff!!

I love it!

I have been on this for the last 30 and feeling the benefits now. Very practical and great!


Seeing and feeling differences. Very happy about this product.

I was worried 😟

I was down to my last 2 patches and was wondering if my order had been lost. Looked in the mail today and sure enough, there they were. Delivered right to my doorstep right on time!!! Thanks VPC, you have become part of my routine that I don't want to do without!!


I’ve been using these for several months now and I definitely feel the difference between them and oral vitamins. I promise you, you’ll absorb more from transdermal patches than you ever will from swallowing pills. I have trouble remembering to take pills anyway, so these are an absolute must for me. I put them on right after I shower in the morning (I also use the Energize patch). I feel so much better... more energy, less irritability. I have fine, curly hair and I can’t believe how much growth and less breakage I’m seeing.
Just try them. You won’t be disappointed.

So happy I found you !

I am on my 2nd month with vitamin patches and love them. Easy to remember, and I have more energy.


I absolutely love this product! It’s been a month and my energy has definitely improved!


I have been taking these patches for some time and find them an excellent source of nutrition.

Love them

I have been way more keen to pop on my patches before bed or work. I love not feeling nauseous or cut rot from taking loads of vitamins orally.
The company is also amazing! They actually care, are responsive and helpful.

So easy.

I hated taking vitamins because I also take meds. I would often skip my vitamins because of upset stomach, now these are so easy, and I feel like
they are working. So glad I came across them.

VPC Fuels My Day!

The summer defense bundle is a game charger with the new restore zinc. I feel more energized especially on busy days where I can’t take capsule forms of these vitamins. They’re easy to wear!


So easy! Slap it on and leave it. No longer need to worry about taking handful of pills that make me feel nauseous and not even absorbed properly.