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You’ve taken a positive first step by investing in in your health with Vitamin Patch Club, but it’s important you read this article to ensure the very best results for yourself.

A common misconception for many people is that they should be seeking a “quick-fix” or “wonder-drug” to stop any symptoms or get to optimal health.

But this is because they don't fully understand the way vitamins support our entire biological system and "quick fixes" never help fight the underlying causes of unwanted health systems.

After investigating the results of the 1000’s of people who’ve used Vitamin Patches, 3 key lessons have been discovered.

3 Tips For Long-Term Results

Pro Tip #1: Create A Routine

By far the best thing you can do is create am an easy-to-remember habitual routine of applying your patches.

Many customers apply their patches first thing in the morning or as part of their nighttime ritual before going to bed bed.

If you wear a number of patches everyday, others report splitting a few patches into their morning routine and the other patches into their nighttime routine.

The best way to do it is the simply one that "sticks" for you.

If you have a visible part of your body you put it on, like your hand or wrist, you'll have a visible reminder that you took your vitamins today or you'll have a reminder that you need to.

And when you see yourself wearing a patch it, it will be a great reminder that no matter what happens that day, you made at least one wise decision for your health.

And we know that these good decisions and habits compound and help you make more good decisions.

That brings us to the next tip. 

Pro Tip #2: Use your patches to trigger another habit you're trying to build

Healthy habits are what creates a healthy life. Many VPC customers report using their vitamin patches as a tool to trigger other habits they're trying to form, thus receiving compound benefits.

Here's how to use your patches as a healthy-habit trigger:

Pick something you know you should be doing (or doing more of but you aren't. Examples include: Drinking more water, exercising at home, meditation, etc.

Your vitamin patch should be the easiest thing to remember.

So set when/then trigger rules that say, "when I put on my patch then I drink a large glass of water with lemon."

Or "when I put on a patch, I do 20 pushups, jumping jacks or crunches."

Or "when I put on a patch, I sit down and meditate for 5-10 minutes."

These When/Then rules are very powerful ways to do "habit stacking" and it works to create compounding results in your life. 

Pro Tip #3: Stick to the Plan

The biggest breakthrough that emerged from gathering so much feedback was that even though results were felt in many people within the first month, it’s what happened at the 90-day mark that made the most difference.

People that stopped taking patches or switched back to pills after the first month went right back to experiencing the same symptoms they felt on day one.

So what about the people that continued to their patch protocol on an ongoing basis?

Well, the results they reported were incredible, with some describing as much as a 90% improvement from the symptoms that plagued their pups before they discovered Vitamin Patch Club.

Here’s the thing, unlike drugs, vitamins support a holistic biological system and typically take around a month or two for the natural formula to really take effect, and that’s why the reviews around the 8-12 week point have been so astonishing.
Vitamin Patch Club doesn’t want you to miss out on the incredible benefits 1000’s of people have seen at the 8-12 week sweet-spot…

This is why they have put together this incredible ongoing Patch Protocol, that allows you to experience incredible results at a huge discount!

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"I realized the potential benefit to my patients while giving IV vitamin injection therapy (the most effective, but costly and inconvenient delivery method) and remembered the nicotine patches I used to wear when quitting my own smoking habit...

That was my Eureka! moment."

Shane Griffin, CNP, ROHP & CEO of Vitamin Patch Club

Founded in 2018, Vitamin Patch Club offers a wide range of vitamins for multiple benefits.

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