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Support Bundle


Support Bundle

We combined two of our fav✌️products to give you the best support to keep your body's immunity strong.

The Support Bundle is exactly what you need to keep you fully supported and feeling your best.

We bundled this package with Strength and Wellness

Together, Iron and  Vitamin D3/C, are going to support necessary functions daily.

With these two products together you have the absolute best combination to do three important functions:

  • Boost Immunity 
  • Support your Cardiovascular System
  • Reduce Fatigue

These 2 products when combined are the best support your body needs. Vitamin D3 and C are proven to support a healthy and strong immune system, a strong immune system helps fight against germs, colds, flu, and viruses.  A healthy cardiovascular system reduces inflammation and studies have shown that disease and viruses thrive in an inflamed body. So a great way to fight illness is to have little or no inflammation. Iron is extremely important in supporting the production of red blood cells, red blood cells carry our oxygen from our lungs to our bodies organs and tissue. Low iron or Anemia can cause low oxygen delivery but by adding Iron you are supporting a strong delivery system, which will boost your body's strength and reduce fatigue.

    These 2 products together are an amazing support plan for right now and in the future.

    Add Support Bundle to your daily routine.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 7 reviews
        Wanda Jack

        Simple to use. I really like the patches.i have noticed the differences with both patches.
        I need to find a patch that has the Total daily vitamins on it.

        Alicia Garrity

        Love them


        Worked like a charm

        jennifer town
        Iron patch

        Goes on easy. Simple. Lets see my blood work in 3 months and ill rate then

        Pamela McChesney
        Great product

        I am really happy with using Vitamin Patches. My hair looks fuller and is filling in where it was a little thin. Also my nails are getting stronger. As a 66 yr. old, strong bones and nails are a must. I put my patches on when I go to bed, it is a lot better than swallowing pills which bother my throat. I will feel like the pills are still there when I now they are not.

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