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Low Iron and B vitamins is a common issue that results in feeling tired, weak, confused, loss of focus, and poor memory. One of the most overlooked reasons is a result of the early signs of Anemia.

This condition can be directly attributed to inadequate levels of red blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen to your vital organs literally breathing life and stamina into them.

We combined our Energize and Strength patches to deliver you the ultimate in Stamina. Combining these two vital Patches is the best way to increase your Stamina. Many studies have shown that combining B vitamins and Iron improves, energy, vitality, cognitive performance, and emotional mood state.


Customer Reviews

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Angela S.

I almost immediately felt the helpful effects of my vitamin patches. I have low iron and the patches helped to give me that little extra boost that I need to keep going.

Lacey Lusk
Excellent BUT…..

I love the delivery system, easy to wear and remove. The iron patch stays on all day but the B vitamin doesn’t. My complaint is the Energize patch bleeds red after sweating or getting a little bit wet. It stains skin or clothing if it gets too wet and moves slightly. I no longer wear that patch if I will be exercising, I’ll put it on after. And I’ve moved both patches to my ankles so that my socks keeps them in place.
I’d give the iron patch a 5 and the energize patch a 3.5.

Positive impact but adhesive & dye need improvement

I definitely can tell the difference on days I forget my patches vs when I wear them. I feel a better energy and less lethargy with them. That said, the adhesive needs some work, especially on the darker red patch. It leaves a colored residue that stains light clothes (like my bra strap) and requires effort to remove, such as baby oil and a cotton square. It’s not quite a deal breaker but it’s super annoying. Before I realized this, my husband actually thought I had some kind of weird injury because of how the red dye stained my skin.

Amazing products

I absolutely hate taking pills/vitamins even then gummy vitamins I hated. I have anxiety, depression, I was always tired, miserable, and never had energy for anything. Until I tired vitamin patchs honestly I was skeptical at first because I didn’t know if they would work or how they would work for me. But I absolutely love them I don’t ever want to go without them again I have so much more energy and I’m able to accomplish more throughout the day I feel less bothered by my anxiety and depression. Two seconds to put the patches on and I’m good to go for the day they are so simple and convenient!

Feeling tired

I was feeling really tired all the time and my Vitamins were not working. These patches seem to absorb and have given me my energy back.

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