The Supreme Bundle

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About the Patch
Unveiling the ultimate patch experience: the Supreme Bundle. Whether you're looking to energize, beautify, bolster your immunity, or simply find serenity, this collection has got you covered. This bundle is not just a set of patches; it's a lifestyle choice. Embrace the Supreme Bundle and ensure every facet of your health and wellness is optimized to the fullest. Let the transformation begin!
  • Beauty Patch
  • Energize Patch
  • Restore Patch
  • Sleep Patch
  • Strength Patch
  • Super8 Patch
  • Wellness Patch
How to Use

Step 1: Carefully peel off one patch.

Step 2: Place them on your shoulder, abdomen, back, or even the top of your foot.

Step 3: Wear your patch while you got about your day!

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Carefully Curated

Vitamin patches with ingredients specifically chosen to boost your health.

Beauty Patch

Uncover your natural glow with the beauty-enhancing Biotin and Marine Collagen. Let Aloe Vera and Keratin further elevate your skin, hair, and nails.

Energize Patch

Fuel your day with the vigour from Yerba Mate, Green Coffee, and Green Tea. The added touch of Panax Ginseng and B-complex ensures you're always at your prime.

Restore Patch

After a hard day, rejuvenate with the healing properties of Zinc, L-Glutamine, and the anti-inflammatory duo: Boswellia and Curcumin.

Sleep Patch

Drift into a peaceful slumber aided by Scullcap, Melatonin, and Chamomile. Let every night be a restful journey to rejuvenation.

Strength Patch

Step up your physical game. With Iron and essential amino acids, this patch ensures your muscles are always ready for the challenge.

Super8 Patch

Harness the power of the complete B-vitamin spectrum. From B1 to B12, it's the ultimate boost for your metabolic and neural functions.

Wellness Patch

Fortify your bones with Vitamin D, boost immunity with Vitamin C and Black Elderberry, and embrace the wellness promised by Pterostilbene and CoQ10. This is your daily dose of all-round health.

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Customer Reviews

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David Y
Best Of All Worlds!

This bundle is great. I have one of everything to share with my fiancé. We have tried the ones that we like (I like the Super8 & Zinc and she likes the Biotin and Iron) plus a few others to share and try out.

Brenda VanWinkle-Weiss
Helped with energy and all over well being !

I skipped an order because I had left overs from previous months, thinking I had enough. I didn't and had to go about 2 weeks without. Saw a definite difference about a week later. Fatigue was one of the main symptoms. Will never skip again 🤗
PS ppl complain it's hard to get the glue off. Keep cleaning with rubbing alcohol. I also soap the area good and use a pumice in the shower.


I really like energize, strength, wellness and sleep. I will continue to energize daily. Sleep has been helpful for me and my son to maintain sleep throughout the night. Strength seems to be a way to absorb iron without as many side effects.

Rhoda Fosler
Customer Service Severely Lacking

Though the vitamins are good, the customer service for this company is severely lacking. You can leave voice mails and emails and neither receives a response until you have attempted contact multiple times. When you try to return a product, the post office says the address they gave you is far from correct. The city doesn’t match the zip code and the street address is for an Aldi Grocery Store. They also charge a restocking fee and you have to pay for the return. So though they have a good product, the issues with their customer service makes buying their product a nightmare. Steer clear!


Wow is all I can say but won't. They actually work. I suffer from all sorts of health issues and always weak tired etc. I put them on, I purchased the whole set. I started feeling better within 2 hrs was I at 100 yet no but guess what I was alert could focus had energy . Enough energy cleaned whole house walked 5miles. These patches are amazing and will continue using them. My husband has had insomnia over 6 mo. Nothing work prescribed over counter nothing. He was skeptical put the sleep patch on a show on TV on low. He laid down never new when fell asleep. He slept peacefully woke up feeling rested. Thank you patch club