The Supreme Bundle

$230 $275

Introducing the Supreme Bundle of Vitamin Patches - the ultimate solution for on-the-go vitamin supplementation. This bundle includes a variety of vitamin patches designed to target specific health concerns and enhance overall wellness. The patches are easy to use, simply apply one patch to a clean, dry area of skin and let it work its magic. The patches are made with high-quality ingredients, are non-invasive, and provide a steady release of vitamins throughout the day.

This bundle includes the following:

  • Energize patch to increase energy levels and improve mood
  • Wellness patch to support bone and immune health
  • Beauty patch to boost collagen production and improve skin health
  • Super8 patch provides a comprehensive blend of essential vitamins and minerals
  • Sleep patch to invite you to a better sleep to improve your wellness
  • Restore patch to decrease inflammation and improve recovery
  • Strength to reduce anemia and increase red blood cell count 

With this Supreme Bundle, you can easily and effectively supplement your diet with essential vitamins and minerals. Say goodbye to pills and powders and hello to the convenience and effectiveness of vitamin patches.

Order your Supreme Bundle of Vitamin Patches today and start feeling the benefits!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Wow is all I can say but won't. They actually work. I suffer from all sorts of health issues and always weak tired etc. I put them on, I purchased the whole set. I started feeling better within 2 hrs was I at 100 yet no but guess what I was alert could focus had energy . Enough energy cleaned whole house walked 5miles. These patches are amazing and will continue using them. My husband has had insomnia over 6 mo. Nothing work prescribed over counter nothing. He was skeptical put the sleep patch on a show on TV on low. He laid down never new when fell asleep. He slept peacefully woke up feeling rested. Thank you patch club

Sherrie Madden
love my patches

my hair and nails have grown longer and stronger since I have used

Kimberly Chavira
Great for traveling!

A few weeks before my month long Europe tour I purchased the Vitamin patches to test them out, thinking they would be easier to pack in my suitcase and It would be more beneficial to my body if the vitamins would be a slow release rather than in pill form due to my stomach issues.
They were very easy to use and did not take up much space when packing. My mother was traveling with me and became sick for more than a week and I truly feel that the vitamin patches helped me fight the illness and gave me energy and strength to continue the rigorous travel via trains, buses and ferries. I highly recommend the Vitamin Patch Club Vitamin Patches and will continue to use them for my everyday vitamin supplements.

I might have found my new way to take vitamins

I’m pleased so far with the vitamins. I felt changes basically immediately. I changed my subscription to a different plan as I don’t need the sleeping vitamins. So I will continue to put on my patches and see how this goes. I’d recommend VPC to others.

Alyssa Peterson

The customer service is amazing! My first order was lost and they shipped a second without hesitation. I think the patches work relatively. I personally don’t like the sticky residue. It’s very hard to get off even when scrubbing

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