2 Things That Will Guide You To Your Goals

I have been working with clients for almost a decade. My primary focus has been working with people that are reclaiming their lives from addiction. I also have worked with people recovering from trauma, depression as well PTSD. 

During my almost decade of helping people I have seen a recurring theme that has been a cause to them not achieving their goals. Once we implement a strategy to overcome these roadblocks the world opens up and my clients have amazing results.

There are 2 things that separate you from your goals, whatever those goals are.

1. Apprehension

2. Schedule

Everything else you think it is, is not.

Apprehension takes many forms. But mostly I see it in the form of being busy with anything else but the one thing you need to be busy in.

Usually because we don’t like it or aren’t good at it. Well the only way to get good at it is to practice it, so do it.

Want to crush it then do the things you don’t like more than what you do like and do those things like you love them. So get started.

The second and I think the most important is have a schedule. I have preached this to every single client in recovery since I stated coaching.

You’re not in recovery? Doesn’t matter because if you want to finish what you start you better have a schedule to do so.

If you are cluttered and unplanned then so will the way you execute tasks. Rushed, hurried, wasteful and pointless.

If you can’t carve out 20-30-60 minutes a day to work on said goal, then it’s not a goal it’s pipe dream.

Without a schedule you are unpredictable with apprehension you are uncommitted.

To achieve your goals you need to be fearless in your pursuit, you need to abandon apprehension and embrace confidence. To be confident we need to be scheduled its a prerequisite trust me I haver tried both ways and a schedule not only provides much needed organization it also provides a roadmap. When you have a schedule and stick to it daily you allow yourself to check off daily wins, daily finishes and that builds momentum,

I want you to reach your goals and I hope this little blog helps you.

In health,

Shane Griffin CNP, ROHP