Consistency is the KEY

Consistency is the key to measuring and making your goals attainable.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. Consistency is hard, it is challenging and takes commitment.

Now that’s out of the way let’s understand why. Consistency is often confused with both routine and committed.

The truth is it is very different then those in-fact it takes both to have consistency. Consistency means you are regular, you show up. It doesn’t mean you are always 💯.

Some days suck others are great but the only way to measure growth and goals is to be consistent.

I can’t tell you how many things each day become a chore, a bore and habitual to me to the point I almost despise doing them, but I can tell you that without consistency I couldn’t measure any merit of achievement so each day like clockwork I do them.

If you want to achieve a goal any goal it isn’t the big picture you should pay as much attention too but rather each brush stroke that create that big picture.

I tell clients all the time small, measured, marginal makes magic. It is the subtle consistent showing up that creates the end game accessibility.

I used to take the shot gun approach, do tonnes of things here and there and hope for the best. Otherwise known as “spray and pray” but that will seldom get the full job done and seldom do you know what pellet got the kill.

Instead think of it like a sniper. Slow, steady, calculated actions each with intention that together culminate to the kill shot.

Each action leads to the next sequence of consistent quantifiable results. Measured and sure.

In Health,

Shane Griffin CNP, ROHP