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Are The Supplements You Are Taking Damaging Your Liver?

Are The Supplements You Are Taking Damaging Your Liver

Are you swallowing these dangerous supplement additives?

If you’re like many Americans, there’s a good chance you spend a large chunk of money on supplements every month to help you stay healthy.

But what if the supplements you are buying are actually hindering your body?

The truth is, many supplement companies put fillers, coatings, bindings, flavors, colors, or highly concentrated ingredients into your supplements that can prevent you from properly absorbing the nutrients.  

One of these controversial fillers is Magnesium Stearate.

Are The Supplements You Are Taking Damaging Your Liver

Companies use it to keep the contents inside the supplement from sticking to their machines. Its lubricating properties can prevent your body from absorbing the supplement that you are taking.

It saves the company money, but ends up wasting yours.

Another common supplement additive is highly-concentrated Green Tea Extract, which you can usually find in weight loss pills. This ingredient has been shown to contribute to liver disease in high amounts. It has caused enough concern that France and Spain have banned supplements containing green tea extract and Consumer Reports has it listed as one of 15 ingredients you should avoid.

 Some companies also add hydrogenated and genetically modified oils. These manipulated oils can cause heart and nerve problems and can hinder the absorption of essential fatty acids. 

Take a look at your supplements and see how many fillers and additives you are taking along with your regimen.

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P.S. Here at Vitamin Patch Club, we believe that vitamins should help you, not harm you. That means having only the ingredients your body needs, to keep you healthy and save money.

Plus, when you use a patch, you get a 90% absorption rate and completely avoid additives and fillers. You can check out our patches by clicking the image below! 



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