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December 29, 2018













Rise Above it.

Shane Griffin CNP, ROHP

Founder at VitaminPatchClub.com

Rise Above it.

Rise Above It?

I have never liked that phrase. I think somewhere along the line it was supposed to be a sentiment to being strong.


I think that’s BS. You know what takes strength? To remain in it. To lean into it. To feel it. To take a minute and learn about it. That uncomfortable or hurtful thing means something.



Forget the actual thing itself, I mean the opportunity for me or you to learn about ourselves when challenged by that thing.

When we are feeling our worst is when we find our best. It is in those moments you discover the truth of your resolve. You can take that opportunity to train yourself to experience each emotion that succumbs you.

Rise Above it.

Those trained and learned moments will allow you to be prepared for the next time. And there will be a next time.This idea that the strong don’t feel or to be strong you must be stoic is ridiculous instead I suggest that strength is about control and preparedness for similar situations.This is not to suggest you never get passed that thing but don’t be so eager to not learn from that thing.

Rise above it, nope. Stay right where you are, at least for a minute!

In Health,

Shane Griffin CNP, ROHP


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