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November 26, 2018

  How to improve gut health

Are you managing your gut health properly?

Within your digestive system lives thousands of bacteria--GOOD bacteria. You have bacterial colonies all over your body called microbiome. The microbiome in your gut house 80% of your immune system and affects your mood and energy. There are a few ways that you could aid and protect your digestive system to protect against leaky gut, sickness, food sensitivities, and general discomfort.

How To Improve Gut Health

Sometimes your stomach isn’t able to break down food properly because it doesn’t produce enough enzymes. If your body isn’t releasing enough bile or breaking down your food it could be preventing nutrient absorption or cause discomfort. Taking an enzyme could help you break down food further. You can customize your enzyme if you know what you need help digesting.

If you aren’t producing enough bile to digest your food, eating or drinking something bitter, like arugula or apple cider vinegar, or taking ox bile could help. Without the amount of bile you need, fat won’t get digested and it can lead to pain and discomfort.

To further help your stomach you could take probiotics and eat fermented foods, like sauerkraut and naturally fermented pickles. Having a good environment for digestion is important and not having a balance could lead to a number of mental and physical issues. Fermented foods are broken down and let off probiotics, so they are easier to digest and give your gut some more good bacteria. Having probiotics in your system can help you fight against allergies, digestive disorders, and keep your immunity strong.

How To Improve Gut Health

Protecting your gut with a proper and colorful diet could be enough to keep some people’s microbiome healthy, but if things aren’t quite right in your system, maybe these tips could help you.


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