Are You Getting Enough Biotin?

Are You Getting Enough Biotin

Are you getting enough of this

“beauty vitamin”?

Have You Heard Of The “Beauty Vitamin”?

It keeps your nails from chipping, your hair from thinning, and your skin from sagging.

Vitamin B7, better known as Biotin, really packs a punch in helping your body look and feel younger.

Now, as is often the case with vitamins, you typically don’t get enough of it in your diet.

...but it’s so necessary to ensure you’re keeping your hair and nails strong!


Are You Getting Enough Biotin

Because Biotin is essential to the formation of the amino acids and proteins that make up your hair. 

In fact, the incredible strength it lends to your nails was accidentally discovered when someone had the bright idea to use biotin to help heal a horse’s split and cracked hooves!

As it turns out, your nails are made from the same stuff, and biotin is great for keeping them healthy

This vitamin, like others in the B family, also aids in breaking down carbs, fats, and protein to give you energy. It is able to produce glucose, your body’s fuel, from amino acids and other non-carbohydrate sources, and is able to break down amino acids for neurotransmitter production.

Biotin isn’t all about helping your skin and nails look and feel great. It has a host of other benefits as well!

Things like:

Helping to lower your blood sugar levels by increasing insulin and stimulating an enzyme in your liver to help break down glucose. (Which has proven to be improve diabetic nerve pain!)

Helping muscle, tissue, and skin repair. It can help grow your muscles and decrease inflammation in your joints, making activity easier and your results more satisfying.

Are You Getting Enough Biotin

Helping with your nerves by aiding neurotransmitters stimulation and delivering messages throughout your body. When your neurotransmitters are functioning properly, your brain will work at its best. It improves your memory, helps prevent degenerative issues, and supports your cognitive function.

This vitamin doesn’t just make you look your best, it also helps you feel your best.

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