Let's talk about Collagen

Lets talk about Collagen

Having Enough Of This Protein Can Help You Stay Healthy

Your body is a very complex machine. It turns food into energy, absorbs nutrients, and repairs itself. Your body is made up of cells that are glued together with a diverse mix of proteins and sugars.

Collagen is one of the proteins your body needs to function properly and, making up 30% of total protein mass, is the most abundant protein in animal tissue. There are 28 different types within the human body and have 4 different structures. What collagen is probably most known for is how it helps your joints. Type 2 collagen is the best structure for your joints as it helps reduce inflammation in your joints and supports your collagen synthesis.

Lets talk about Collagen

Collagen is also popular in the beauty world. When you lack collagen, your muscles and skin start to sag. Plus, if you suffer from a skin inflammation condition (eczema or acne), collagen may be able to help with that. It can also help smooth out fine lines or wrinkles, strengthen hair and nails, and prevent stretch marks.

Collagen is becoming a go to in gut health as well. It could help regulate stomach acid, which may help with indigestion, heartburn, or stomach ulcers. It has been used by those wanting to support and repair their gut lining.

The glycine in collagen can also be helpful in the liver. It can help prevent toxins from building up in the liver and aid in the detoxing of it, as well.

Being a large component in muscle, collagen can help with your muscle mass and energy. It can also relax and widen your blood vessels, which would help oxygenate your body during your workout.

Lets talk about Collagen

If you feel like your body needs a little extra love, you might want to investigate to see if you have a collagen deficiency.

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