Crush your Fears

I CRUSHED  my fear of heights, to prove you can CRUSH your fears too.

This weeks blog is an experience of a journey to crush fear and I hope it illustrates to you all that we all can CRUSH our fears if we give it a shot and face our fears dead on.

Here is what I learned climbing up a 7532 ft (2295m) mountain.

•Life offers no shortcuts

•Anything worth doing is worth doing with precision

•Perspective changes with each forward movement

•Resolve is your friend

•Fear is a motivator

•Effort is rewarded in granular measurements

•Challenge forms character

•I CAN needs to be said to yourself daily.


I have a fear of heights, sorry what I meant to say was I had a fear of heights. I wanted to explore that fear, I wanted to face that fear and I wanted to crush that fear.

Along the way with each hand hold, with each step up, with shift of weight that fear slowly subsided.

The thing with fear is it can serve you two ways. It can paralyze you from performance or it can serve as a motivator.

The idea we can’t do something is a calculated narration from the saboteur in the back of your mind, that little voice that for some reasons shouts at us discouraging us from progress, or wanting to see us fail.

We all have it yapping in the back of our head. You want to know when it is the loudest, let me tell you it’s not when you are achieving your goals, it’s not when you are chasing you dreams, it’s when you are contemplating moves or actions, when you are sedentary.

You see that voice lives off of laziness, or avoidance and oh boy does it hunger for the phrases “I will get to that” or “one day”. Yes that saboteur will yell the loudest and speak the clearest when you aren’t doing but instead avoiding.

So If you want to shut that saboteur up it’s simple remember this one thing. I will get to it or one day means NEVER. What you push aways can never come closer.

Yesterday I decided to take action, to crush my fear of heights in arguably the most aggressive way possible by hanging off a mountain for 5 hours and I want you to know that the minute I reached that summit a weight was lifted, a calm was presented and the sense of accomplishment was a present.

I am 46 years old if I can you can!

Crush your fears tactically and with precision.

In Health,

Shane Griffin CNP, ROHP