less is MORE

Today’s blog is about a huge company shift and I want to let you in on it.

I was watching a pretty crazy documentary the other evening and something was said in it “Less is MORE”.

I felt like I got punched in the face because it’s so true and so simple. I needed to really sit with it for a while. In both my business and personal life I have always tried to keep it simple but always without fail by the end of any project or life decision there was some much needless added nonsense.

In business it’s always marketing related, supply chain, tech stacks on shopify, data and more data. Always trying to find the best way to describe the benefits of wearing your vitamins. It always became a long educational lecture that really no body asked for.

Then of all things I am watching a documentary on what is the farthest thing from a business doc and there it was. Less is MORE.

It is the exact thing that VPC is. We are the definition of Less is MORE.

  • less chemicals MORE vitamins
  • less ingestion MORE absorption
  • less upset stomach MORE feeling great
  • less greed MORE giving back
  • less dosing MORE penetration
  • less clutter MORE convenience
  • less confusion MORE Value
  • less secrets MORE Truth
  • less promises MORE results

So I wanted to share it with you all. For 3 almost 4 years as a founder and CEO I always felt we were missing something. Missing a slogan a jingle a mantra of you will, something that explained us but without all the details of the science and merits. I wanted to say more with less. Finally we have crossed that threshold and I am stocked.

Now enough about the business because I tend to not write these blogs to drive sales. I know crazy right? I actually want these blogs to add value your life.

So let’s break down how this new mantra of VPC reflects to you. I can only share my own experiences so with that I want to share why the attached photo is of my backside hiking in the mountains.

Last week I took a long awaited get away to Banff, Alberta. A national park in Canada that is one of the largest in the world. It’s remote and majestic to see. I was seeking some grounding, some nature and solitude.

I needed to be reminded that there are things, big things, things that were here before me and will be here after me. I needed to be humbled so I could upon return be engaged in my responsibilities. Call it a tune up trip!

Along the way albeit I didn’t know it until last night what I was doing was seeking exactly that phrase I have mentioned above. Less is MORE. I needed to unplug from social, be alone in nature. Eat simple complete food without all the extras. I needed to be silent and be active in simple pursuits. Hiking, Climbing, Biking and the occasional cold plunge in glacier fed lakes.

The lesson here is that we all need to stop for a minute, take in the beauty that surrounds us, let our minds slow, our eyes widen and breath. We all serve others better if we serve ourselves first and to do that sometimes we need less to get more.

I hope you catch the drift of what I am saying here and I hope it makes you think about finding a minute to provide yourself with MORE of what’s real and Less of what’s not!

In Health,

Shane Griffin CNP,ROHP