Cut out the BS

That voice in your head is creating all the BS.

If there is one thing that we all could do with a little less of it is the BS.

Now let me be clear I am not talking or pointing fingers at anyone other than ourselves.

I am talking about the BS we tell ourselves. The internal dialogue. The one that prevents you from starting and or finishing.

I don’t know when it happens in each of our lives but there comes a time when for some reason we begin to not only listen but accept it as well.

You know it, the one that tells you we are not good enough, we can’t do it, we don’t deserve it or shouldn’t go for it.

Let me be the one that tells you that the saboteur that presents itself as a voice in your head is just that a voice and it is full of BS.

It isn’t a reason, it isn’t defined it is years of build up of us giving power to that voice. Every time you accept it as truth you give power to it.

Simply put it just BS, it is based in fear, and it is based in unresolved trauma. I fight that voice just like you. Being better will always be a work in progress for us all.

There is one way that will silence that voice. There is one way to make it stop. There is one way to mitigate it.

That one way is to take action, use it as fuel. When you hear it use it as a signal. The signal is to go do what it is telling you you can’t.

A voice won’t in and of itself stop you only you can make that decision, your power is the fact you can step forward leaving that voice behind you, leave it in the dark where it belongs and allow yourself to shine.

Overtime you will hear that voice less and less and you will find that it was all BS to begin with.

In health,

Shane Griffin CNP, ROHP