Two questions that changes it all?

I want you to ask yourself two questions?

How Come? and Why Not?

I started asking myself these two questions about a year after rehab and still do…

Basically they are used to really get honest with your own apprehensions, your road blocks and for me my self doubt.

We all can use the obvious excuses that we use daily but in this case these two questions are only going to work if you can get past the excuses and truthfully ask yourself, how come and  why not?

Let me dial it in a bit… let’s use something we can all relate to… a simple thing. Going to bed at a decent hour… how come? Well obviously we need sleep, there’s our  circadian  rhythm, there’s the factor of repairing your body and waking up to seize the day…

Why not? TV, social media, booze, parties, lack of discipline but most of all I see and have experienced. I just didn’t want to go to bed because sometimes there’s nothing to look forward to the next day.

We stay up subconsciously to push tomorrow further away.

Now the trick is to use these two question to further explore the bigger picture and yes there’s a follow up… why and what?

Why don’t I want tomorrow to come, or why am I not wanting to take better care of myself, or why can’t I shut off the TV… then what can I do about it.

This exercise is used to explore your inner dialogue that sometimes goes unheard unless you probe it to ask it.

For me I can tell you that long ago I just didn’t want tomorrow to come because I knew I would be repeating the cycle of self harm. If I knew then what I know now my how come would have been I didn’t feel I deserved to feel worthy of my own love and care, and my why not was it was too hard to fix.

Both bullshit and both were excuses. Now I ask these questions daily when navigation  everything from work challenges, personal issues, and even what my next adventure will be.

If you are willing to take a hard look at what you want, and why you are not getting it I have learned that these two simple questions if done with honesty can change the game, your outlook, your outcome and maybe just maybe the entire way you live and love yourself and your life.

In Health,

Shane Griffin