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Functional And Body Weight Workouts

How to stay fit without hitting the gym?

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Going to the gym is great--the machines help you get well defined muscles and can get your heart pumping. Great perks, but what if you don’t have the time to drive to the gym or you want to protect yourself from injury?

Functional and body weight workouts are growing in popularity because it helps you train and develop the muscles you use on a daily basis. Doing these types of workouts can make it easier and safer to perform your everyday activities.

These exercises originate with physical therapy and the movements are of varying combinations of resistance and flexibility training. Instead of pumping your iron and developing one muscle group at a time, you typically use three motions: stagial, side-to-side, and rotational.

There are a number of benefits that you get by doing a functional or body weight workout that differ from traditional workouts because you’ll be doing full body movements.

The first perk is that it improves muscle memory. The point of these exercises is to strengthen your body for your everyday activities. Improving your muscle strength through movements that mimic these activities will train your muscles to get in the right formation and limit your chance of injury.

It’s a low impact workout, which makes it great for beginners, but can be lengthened for those who need more of a challenge. With lesser impact, your joints will be happy. Through these exercises, you may be able to do more without straining and adding more stress to your body,

Using your own body weight and using functional exercises also helps with your balance and coordination. As you use your entire body, your range of motion could increase, providing you greater flexibility and posture. This is something you lose if you are using only one muscle group at a time.

You don’t have to do explosive movements to develop strength and muscle definition, and if you’re looking for a new workout, you should check out this new trend.

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