Transdermal vs. Oral Vitamins

We created our patches for YOU!

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You do all you can to keep your body working properly. It takes a lot of time, energy, and money to keep to a diet and workout plan.

We developed transdermal vitamins for people just like you. We care about not only about your body, but about the effectiveness of your routine.

 Vitamin Patch Club was designed to help you absorb your vitamins better and cheaper, while simplifying the purchasing process. Why bother swallowing all of your vitamins when you could put on a patch and be on your way?

Did you know that when you take pills orally, only 25% gets absorbed?

When you put on a patch, you get 3x more absorption going directly into your bloodstream. When your vitamins bypass your digestive tract, you’re not going to have to worry about how fast or slow your body is breaking  down the pill or how much you are taxing your liver. When you use patches the nutrients take a ride down your hair follicles and go throughout your body.

If you’re sceptical of the effectiveness of our patches, rest assured that this idea have been around for nearly 50 years. Hospitals used to use them for pain medication and various treatments. They have also been popular to help smokers kick their bad habit. Health and medical professionals have published countless controlled, clinical studies that support the superiority of transdermal patches over oral applications.

Our company prides itself on fulfilling high standards. Our patches only contain pure vitamins and the organic adhesive that sticks to your skin. We don’t add fillers and additives that the oral supplements need just to keep their product together. What you are paying for is QUALITY.

The vitamin patches are shipped directly to your door, and even designed them to fall off when you’ve absorbed your daily dose.

  Check out our patches if you are looking for a better way to take your vitamins.

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