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Let's talk about boxing

Is boxing for you?

Hi there,

Are you looking to put a new spin on fitness that will help you tone up and feel more confident? Doing the same workout plan can become monotonous and discouraging when you lose your passion or aren’t getting the results that you want. You can get that drive back again through boxing.

Boxing is an amazing way to let go of your daily stresses. Not only does it release negative or pent-up feelings, but it releases endorphins that will make you feel happier after your workout.

You would also get a total-body workout by engaging your upper body and using your core and legs as support. The quick, explosive movements burn your calories and tone your body. It is the perfect union of cardio and resistance training that will make you look and feel great.

In addition to strengthening your body, you’ll be strengthening your heart. It’ll circulate oxygen through your body and increase your heart rate and protects you against heart diseases in the future.

Boxing works your mind just as much as your body. You have to remember combinations and technique. By challenging your hand eye coordination, it makes sure that you are not bored in your workout.

An understated perk is that you learn self defense in the process. It’s sure to put your mind to ease and bring confidence as you gain muscle mass and muscle memory so that you can protect yourself if it comes to it.

If you feel like your getting beat with boredom from your workouts or daily stresses, take a punch and try boxing.

-The Vitamin Patch Club

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