The best is yet to come

Hold on cause this ones a bumpy one!

"The best is yet to come."

Here’s a ditty that drive me nuts.

The best is yet to come is a cop out for not activating yourself today.

Hoping, expecting, anticipating or otherwise are not active they are passive and frankly lazy.

If you indeed want the best to come you had better be putting in a “the best is now” mentality.

This may be the best, and if you feel otherwise you had better activate yourself to change it.

If you ever take a look at Newton’s laws you will notice that there is no law for passive, only active.

Want to know why? Because passive is pausing, it is not proactive .

So I go back to the philosophical or semantical saying the best is yet to come, sure sounds good but if you don’t do something to make that future the best,  then is it kinda like standing by a creek with a bucket and saying the food will come.

You need to start today, start planning, start forcing yourself to adopt a mentality that require you to do more, be more proactive, to be a powerhouse that makes the best come.

Want to be the best, then do the most, accurately and with precision.

So ya for some the best is yet to come and for the rest keep chanting to yourself it will happen. Occasionally those that are doing the work will reach back and pull you along but that can only last so long.

Hard truth but I needed to jump start my week with purpose and a little push, hope it pushes you too!

In Health,

Shane Griffin CNP, ROHP