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Why Vitamin Supplements?

Why do people always tell you to take your vitamins? 

What’s the big deal?

Well, the most important thing is that your body can’t naturally create vitamins. You either need to get it from your food or you need to supplement.

Generally you are able to get enough vitamins from your food, assuming you’re eating a balanced diet. So the greens, grains, and fruit you buy at the store, bring home, and prepare are the first source of your vitamin absorption.

When you eat, your food is first broken down by stomach acid and before making its way into the small intestine. This is where the vitamins get absorbed.

Your C vitamins have molecules waiting to pick them up and transport them through your intestines cell walls. Then they get dropped off in the body, ready to enter into the bloodstream.

Your B’s need to be broken down by your stomach before they can bind with proteins. This happens later on in your small intestine.

Your fat soluble vitamins-- A, D, E, and K-- need to be broken down by your bile. Once they are dissolved, they are absorbed through the intestinal wall and make their way to the liver, where they will remain until you need it.

Now, generally speaking, you don’t get enough vitamins from diet alone. That’s why it’s common to take vitamin supplements.

However, there is a downside with oral supplements. Companies tend to use fillers and cheap ingredients that limit the amount that your body absorbs, or taxes your body so that your system has to put in more energy to convert the pill into something useable.

That’s why we designed our vitamin patches, so you can get your vitamins directly into the bloodstream, which eliminates the need for fillers in your supplement.

Plus, you absorb 90% of the vitamin from the patch right into your bloodstream (as opposed to 20-30% absorption with a pill)!

Check out some of our patches here by clicking the button below!

In Good Health,

- Vitamin Patch Club

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