Total Package Bundle

Welcome to a comprehensive regimen.

About the Patch
Introducing the Total Package Bundle – your four pillars to a more vibrant, resilient, and dynamic you. Whether you're seeking to bolster wellness, regain vitality, power through the day, or fortify your physical strength, this ensemble ensures you never miss a beat. The Total Package Bundle is more than just patches; it's a promise, a commitment to a more holistic and balanced lifestyle. Say yes to a more comprehensive approach to health, where every day is an opportunity to thrive.
  • Energize Patch
  • Restore Patch
  • Strength Patch
  • Wellness Patch
How to Use

Step 1: Carefully peel off one patch.

Step 2: Place them on your shoulder, abdomen, back, or even the top of your foot.

Step 3: Wear your patch while you got about your day!

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Carefully Curated

Vitamin patches with ingredients specifically chosen to boost your health.

Energize Patch

Fuel your day with the vigour from Yerba Mate, Green Coffee, and Green Tea. The added touch of Panax Ginseng and B-complex ensures you're always at your prime.

Restore Patch

After a hard day, rejuvenate with the healing properties of Zinc, L-Glutamine, and the anti-inflammatory duo: Boswellia and Curcumin.

Strength Patch

Step up your physical game. With Iron and essential amino acids, this patch ensures your muscles are always ready for the challenge.

Wellness Patch

Fortify your bones with Vitamin D, boost immunity with Vitamin C and Black Elderberry, and embrace the wellness promised by Pterostilbene and CoQ10. This is your daily dose of all-round health.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Kelly Thomas

I love these because I can put them on at night and not worry about forgetting to take pills.
Taking vitamins always upsets my stomach.
I had blood work done recently and my levels were up across the board!

Jennifer H
Working well for me

After my first full month of daily use, I could see a big increase in energy. My iron count was higher and stays up.

Janet Lewis
I Love My Vitamin Patches

I love the feeling I get from my Vitamin Patches. That is the pro. The con is they are unsightly unless you hid them under your clothing. They are a bit pricy for someone like me who is on a tight budget. I have to keep buying and wearing them regardless because they do make me feel good.

Leslie Sandusky

Easy to use, long lasting with feel good results. Easier way to get in the vitamins I need without upsetting my stomach every morning.

Faye B
I really need these vitamins

I love that these vitamins give me some strength and energy. However, I don't like having to be part of a subscription club. I REALLY don't like that. And the adhesive is a bit too strong. I'll put up with both of the things I don't like, because I love that I don't have to swallow so many big pills, that hurt my stomach, and have fillers in them, and lose a lot of their potency do to stomach acid. I can be very tired and unmotivated, then after I put on my patches, I find myself up and getting things done. It even helps a lot with brain fog. I think these vitamins are the way of the future.