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Not only are oral supplements harder to take (giant horse pills, anyone?), but our bodies struggle to absorb all of the beneficial vitamins and nutrients. Patches solve that problem by delivering the vitamins directly through your skin, using less fillers and more of what you need most. 

3x More Absorption

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Water Resistant

Take your patch anywhere with confidence. 

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• Strength

Our iron patch, formulated to support your muscles and blood cells.

• Energize

A blend of B-vitamins to keep you moving from morning to night. 

• Wellness

Your daily dose of D3 to create a foundation for your health. 

• Restore

Give your body zinc to help soothe inflammation and promote recovery.

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So Convenient

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Best Sleep Ever

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Why Use VPC?

You have questions, we have answers.

The Q's

The A's

What is Vitamin Patch Club?

VPC is community of people working towards being their best selves every day. We provide patches to deliver vitamins and nutrients effectively, and educational modules to support us all in our daily lives.

How does the subscription work?

Each month you'll receive a 30-day supply of patches, allowing you to wear the patches you need every single day. 

Can I change my order?

Yes! You can change your subscription at any time, including adding on more patches or changing your patch all together. 

Should I wear more than 1 patch?

Wearing multiple patches isn't just possible, it's encouraged! Each patch is specifically formulated to target different needs, allowing you to customize your vitamins as you see fit. 

How long should I wear my patch for?

To guarantee maximum absorption, we recommend wearing your patch for at least 8 hours. 

Will my patch stay on during exercise?

Yes! Vitamin patches are made to stay on during exercise, swimming, and anywhere you need them to go. 

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Wellness Patch



Super 8 Patch



Energize Patch



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The Face Behind VPC

Shane Griffin founded VPC with the goal of helping people become their best self — but his focus has always been about more than vitamins. 

VPC Gives was created to help those in need. Today, Shane partners with several charities through VPC to help and support others in his local community.

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