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A Look Back At July


Well Vitamin Patchers,

I have some epic news and updates to report on our giving back program. The month of July was extraordinary and we, because of your help were able to give back Big Time!
Here is a recap of the events we supported this month, and remember we are always looking for causes you care about so please send us an email at [email protected] to tell us where we can help!
The first event we participated in was a Charity poker tournament benefitting Model Citizen fund. I would like to report we won it all but sadly I exited the first round. However, our VP of compliance Tania made it all the way to the final table. We were able to raise almost $70,000.00. Now that's high stakes. To Support Model Citizen Fund here is their link:
The Second event Vitamin Patch Club participated in was a 2 for 1. We were thrilled to attend and support the BOO2BULLYING campaign and with them was The Oceana non-profit. It was a great event to combat bullying and at the same time raise awareness for saving our oceans. To support either of these epic causes please go to:
Last but certainly not least we were invited to attend the annual MBJAM18 event produced by the one and only Michael B. Jordan. This event spectacular event was held at Dave and Busters in Hollywood, CA and did we ever have fun! 100% of the proceeds are designated for Lupus LA. Michael B. Jordan was a great host and it was an honor to be his guest. To donate directly to Lupus LA please go to:

Charity poker tournament benefitting Model Citizen fund. 

BOO2BULLYING campaign with The Oceana non-profit

Annual MBJAM18 event for Lupus

Together we are making an impact on the lives of other so from the bottom of my heart I thank you for being a customer and helping us change the world "One Patch at a Time"

In Health,

Shane Griffin CNP, ROHP Founder and CEO

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