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Sunshine Vitamin

Hey Vitamin Patchers!

Vitamin D3 is often overlooked in daily hussle and bussle. The most effective way of obtaining your daily dose is by spending time in the sun, but with long hours and hectic schedules, it can be hard to add outdoor activities to the todo list. Here are five important reasons why prioritizing D3 can improve your body and mind.

Bone and muscle health is probably the most well known reason to get enough D3. It helps your body absorb calcium and phosphorus for stronger bones and lays a foundation to protect your body from developing chronic bone ailments. It also goes into muscle receptors to build your strength and help protein synthesis in your muscle cells.

To keep hunger at bay, your brain needs D3. When your body lacks this vitamin and has difficulty absorbing calcium your body, which increases an enzyme that converts calories into fat.

Another receptor that welcomes the “sunshine vitamin” is in your immune system. When the body has a sufficient amount of D3, your body quickly and efficiently fights off viruses and infections. For those with autoimmune issues, it helps the body distinguish between its cells and foreign ones.

D3 also supports cognitive function and mood. It supports dopamine and serotonin, neurotransmitters in the brain, that supplies positivity and peace in the mind.

Vitamin D3 affects the cell, as well, and helps the mitochondria generate ATP for more energy. On the hormone level, it interacts with melatonin inversely so that the more D3 you get, the lower your melatonin, and the more energy you have.  

There are 42% of people in America that have a D3 deficiency and it is a contributor to many parts of your health. If you want to boost your mood, weight loss, and energy perhaps you need a little dose of sunshine.

To Your Health,

-The Vitamin Patch Club

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