A New Year Proposal

A message for the new year and all of you.

Take no joy in anything you haven’t earned. Take no anger in anything you can’t control. Take no prisoners in your quest to be better. Take no offense from those that don’t understand your mission. Take no fear in the unknown.

Take love with you in your pursuits. Take pride in your fails. Take the hardships and make them lessons. Take challenges and make them goals. Take time to appreciate yourself.

Many things will happen to you this year. Many things will make you question, your resolve, your ability, your desire. Many things will try to upset your plan, upset your mission, your drive.

None of things matter unless you let them. If you begin with an established mindset, the only thing you can truly control is your will, your effort, your approach and your pursuit.

There are going to be days that you want to quit, give up, slow down, give in. Those days are when you reach into yourself and say not today. Those are the days that you need to remember what your passion is, why you started, where you want to get to.

Most of all understand one thing. You compete only against yourself. You are your measuring stick. You decide where the race ends, when the goal is completed. Do not compare yourself, your place in life, your possessions, your experiences with anyone else for that will always leave you unfocused on your own path.

Everyday is opportunity to be a better version of yourself. The challenge will always be “Is today the day I pursue my best self, is today the day I get distracted with the noise of nonsense?”

Your wins should be yours, celebrated in your soul privately embrace them. Then share them. Inspire others to do better, support others, have empathy for others, judge only yourself. We need positive stories now more than ever. Be proud of your accomplishments.

Wake up with ambition and rest with gratitude for you are special in your own way and the only person that can mitigate that is yourself. So stand proud you have made it this far and look forward with positivity.

Happy New Year,

In Health

Shane Griffin